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Best 3d printer to buy in 2021

Technology has affected the human race more than any other field. Whether it’s the light bulb, steam engine, or any other invention, these technologies have made our lives easy, opened new paths and possibilities. It is extensively believed that 3D printer is the part of future technology and 3D printing is also called Additive Manufacturing (AM), has immense potential to be one of these technologies soon.

3D printing has enabled technology that promotes and takes innovation with extraordinary design freedom while being a tool-less process that reduces high costs and direct times.

Our top picks for best 3d printers

  1. Mono Price Mini 3D Printer
  2. AnyCubic Photon 3D Printer
  3. Comgrow Creality Ender 3D Printer
  4. Elegoo Mercury 3D Printer (washing & curing)
  5. QidiTech Large 3D Printer

What is the 3D printer?

A 3D printer is a device that creates a physical object of a digital design. In other words, it gives life to a digital format, making it more natural and astonishing.

A 3D printer provides the ability to personalize products according to a person’s needs and desires. The process requires less labor. It works by laying down thin layers of material in crushed, powdered, or liquid (plastic, metal, or cement) and then blending these layers all together.

Thanks to a 3D printer, designers and illustrators can now quickly turn their ideas into 3D models or prototypes (a.k.a trial product) and execute quick design changes.

Things to know before buying a 3D printer

You’ve come across the article about the 3D printer, and you have finally decided to get yourself one after reading about the mind-blowing things it can build. Well, don’t be head over your heels.

To be sure about what you need, learn about the organization and functions of technology before planning to take one home. Because once you’ve bought it and spent a tremendous amount of time figuring out how it works, you won’t live it sitting it at the corner of a home.

To save your brain from getting all puzzled, we’ve made an extensive list of the thing you should know before buying a 3D printer.

  • Types of 3D printing – there are two processes used by individuals. One is FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology and the other is SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology.
  • Safety – printing 3D designs is no joke. When printing 3D articles, you’re handling heated plastic and fumes. Practice extra caution when operating these printers.
  • Obtaining a 3D model – there are two ways to get a 3D model; you can create it (requires software) or download a pre-made model blueprint from the internet (easy to find).
  • STL files (Stereo Lithography) – is the average file format that will print your 3D model into a physical object. It can be operated using CAD programs.
  • Slicing Software – When you have an STL file of the model, you will have to place it through slicing software. It’s a process that instructs your printer to print your model.

When you’ve understood these terms and factors carefully, you know what you need to look for when buying a 3D printer.

Which is the perfect 3D printer for me?

Finding a safe and trustworthy 3D printer can be challenging. There are tons of options for 3D printers in the market with many different and complex features and specifications. In addition to this, the technical quality, which material can be used, the type of CAD software is safe, and many questions arise when buying a 3D printer.

To save you from scratching your head, we’ve picked out some safe, money-friendly yet convenient 3D printers to help you transform your ideas into reality.

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MonoPrice 3d printer


Mono Price Mini 3D Printer

Earlier Price: $220.00
Save: $20.01 (9%)
Deal Price: $199.99

Unlike other low-cost cheap 3D printers, this printer comes fully assembled, already calibrated at the factory; Ready to Print. The heated plate and wide range of extruder temperature provide this printer to work with any filament, such as ABS or PLA, to advanced materials. The compact display design has a small footprint and a basic open frame design. The compact is broad enough for any desk. It even has a MicroSDTM card with pre-installed models, which saves your time, so you can start printing right after getting it out of the box!

AnyCubic 3d printer


AnyCubic Photon 3D Printer

Earlier Price: $289.99
Save: $30.00 (10%)
Deal Price: $259.99

The Anycubic photon 3D printer adopts matrix corresponding light source beads which help carry out constant exposure, improves the quality of 3D models. Unlike every 3D printer, this printer’s printing speed is 2.5 xs faster than the regular 3D printers. It also has a removable one-piece transparent cover to make up for the internal space of the printer. It also can be set to stop printing right after opening the body, which shows this printer is safe and is perfect for beginners.

ComeGrow 3d printer


Comgrow Creality Ender 3D Printer

Earlier Price: $399.99
Save: $120.99 (30%)
Deal Price: $279.00

The Ender 3D printer has a self-developed silent motherboard with powerful anti-interference, ensuring stable and faster motion performance, less noisy printing, and low decibel operations. The printer has a rotary knob on the extruder, which creates the loading and feeding filament process much convenient. There is no need to start over if any mishap happens; the resume feature lets you start printing from the last recorded extruder in case of unexpected power outages. The Printing speed is fast, and the setting option is far beyond what standard 3D printers offer.

3d printer by elegoo


Elegoo Mercury 3D Printer (washing & curing) Price: $129.00

The 2-in-1 Wash-&-Cure design makes the 3D printer models in one machine. The flexible washing mode lets you place the model in the cleaning basket to clean separately or accumulate the build plate with the model on it and wash them all together. There are liquid levels written for better and precise adjusting. The Curing mode is built-in with UV curing lamp beads; they work together with a 360-degrees rotating curing table which cures the model equally. The display shows the visual setting time and the remaining time. It also has automatic protection – when lifting up the cover during printing state will suspend the operation and give a beeping sound.

3d printer by QIDI tech


QidiTech Large 3D Printer Price: $1,099.00

The QidiTech initiated the creation of two ways for placing the filament. Ventilative Printing or Enclosed Constant Temperature Printing for you to choose when printing various types of filament. It provides easy operation with a touch screen and intuitive icons. The Single Z-axis has been updated to Double Z-axis with results to be more stable and powerful for large 3D models.


It’s believed that 3D printing will be an innovative and ground-breaking force in manufacturing. 3D printing is a revolutionary turn that lets you produce different 3-dimensional objects without specific tools.

We never in a million years would’ve thought that we can shape our ideas and imagination. A 3d printer is made for shaping your thoughts and ideas. Whether for a hobby or profession, if you need it, this is the sign for you to get a 3d printer and make the most of it.

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