Hill + Daniel

Hill + Daniel: An Emerging Name In Home Fragrances

As the eyes perceive appearances, the nose sees the smell and an essential part of every household is the way its aromas. Arriving home, even before the gate is opened, the smell hits you and brings about a feeling of safety and tranquillity. Similarly, having a fresh smelling and natural scent in the home can significantly alter the mood of its residents. To make a complete household Hill + Daniel offers a full range of home fragrances to make your house smell like a home. But unlike any other perfume brand, Hill + Daniel offers a unique and much more vibrant experience for the sense of smell. Every scent is crafted to capture a wholesome fragrance so that your home carries nature’s relaxing presence for you.

Range of Scents:

Every scent made at Hill + Daniel is custom-made for the customer. That means that whether you like the smell of freshly trimmed roses, lavender, vibrant lemongrass or the sweet musk of sandalwood, none of these fragrances are off-limits. Hill + Daniel draws significant inspiration from nature as their ideology insists that pure wholesomeness can only be achieved through nature by going to the roots. Therefore the entire line of Hill + Daniel is based on natural scents as a means to connect people with nature.

A house represents its residents but can also be a haven for friends and loved ones. And for a home to seem welcoming for all, it has to smell the same way. Therefore a feature of Hills + Daniels is that its scents are unisex. As nature and human instincts are similar all humans, so are the scents provided at Hill + Daniel, to highlight the common ground between genders.

Fragrances are designed; mixed and packaged by hand to provide a more personal touch to all scents sold by Hill + Daniel. It is a privilege for Hill + Daniel to cater to every need of its valued customer.

Shayla Hill – The owner:

Hill + Daniel is the brainchild of the brilliant Shayla Hill, who recognized the need for a therapeutic aromatherapy agent inside living rooms and even bedrooms. As an entrepreneur dabbling in home cleaning, she understood that for a home to feel wholesome, it needs to look clean and smell fresh. With this new focus in mind, Hill + Daniel was created two years ago and is now offering a wide range of customized fragrances for people from all walks of life and homes of all statures.

Future of Hill + Daniel Fragrances:

Like any business trying to make a mark, Hill + Daniel is also planning for its future. In-line with the thoughts of Shayla Hill, Hill + Daniel intends to introduce more products in the future which are feasible for both home and body. With this plan in action for the long term, Hill + Daniel already expects to launch fragrant candles soon for a more personal experience with scents and wholesome living.


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