Hitesh Ramchandani, Motivational Speaker On A Mission To Inspire!

Hitesh Ramchandani, Motivational Speaker On A Mission To Inspire!

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Exclusive interview with Hitesh Ramchandani, He is a global motivational speaker on a mission to inspire 50,000,000 people By 2050!

Tell us your story:

I was born with Cerebral Palsy due to a Doctor’s negligence at birth. My parents wanted the Doctor to do a C-Section, but he decided to do a normal delivery instead. In that process, I was born “leg first”, instead of “head first” like healthy babies are born. I lost oxygen for 90 seconds, and that is the cause of my Cerebral Palsy. After that, the doctor had the cheek to say that I won’t live for more than 24 hours. TIll now, 26 years have passed, I’m alive, but I think the doctor died!

How you came across the idea that you can inspire and motivate other people?

It’s all because of my cousin-brother, Vicky Vaswani. He was the one who pushed me to, first of all, overcome my crazy fear of public speaking. In the process of overcoming that fear, I realized that whenever I shared my story on stage, people would start crying and they would hug me at the end of the speech and tell me that I have motivated them! Vicky then told me to write my book “BETTER THAN NORMAL,” and after that, we came up with our crazy mission for the company which is to inspire 50,000,000 people by 2050 to become BETTER THAN NORMAL!

Hitesh Ramchandani, Global Motivational Speaker On A Mission To Inspire 50,000,000 people By 2050!

Hitesh Ramchandani, Global Motivational Speaker On A Mission To Inspire 50,000,000 people By 2050!

What were the hurdles in your life to achieve what you had dreamt of?

Rejection, Bullying, Fear, Comfort Zone, Criticism, Haters, Literal pain from all the 3-4 hours of therapy that I do every day to make sure my muscles don’t get stiff and my speech doesn’t get blurred. These are all part and parcel of the hurdles which I have gone through, but I’m excited and looking forward to more of these hurdles to come! The bigger the difficulty you have to overcome, the more satisfaction you will get when the dream comes true!

When in life you really felt that your speaking disability cannot and should not stop you from being a successful person?

From the start my cousin-brother Vicky always told me that I would become a superstar speaker sooner. I did not believe him at first because I was so afraid to stand on the stage that I used to use a chair to start off all my speeches literally. I want to share a candid story with you. At one of my events, I saw another keynote speaker speak who was not even half as good as me, but he got paid almost five times more than me for the same event! That was the day I knew that I had the potential to become a Million Dollar Speaker!

How you enjoy your life and what is the perception of enjoyment or happiness for you?

Happiness to me is making 1% progress towards becoming the best version of yourself on a daily basis!

What do you love about opposite gender or what appeals you most about the opposite gender?

Nothing and Everything at the same time! I love the fact that I have so much attention from the opposite gender now that I’m a global speaker, but until today I have not been able to figure out what goes around in the mind of the opposite gender. If anyone knows, please reach out to me and share the secrets!

How would you describe the term “positive personality.”?

Someone who can smile with genuine peace at the problem life throws because they know that their positivity will outlast all types of negativity!

Book you are currently reading and the books you liked most and why?

Books currently reading – “Crushing It” by Gary Vaynerchuck + “Everyone Communicates But Few Connect” by John C Maxwell.

 Books I liked most – My own book of course, “Better Than Normal” and also the book “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield is the book that changed my life!

What would you be if you won’t have been what you are today?

There would be nothing else I would be doing if I weren’t doing what I am currently doing. I feel that I was put on this Earth to inspire lives of millions and I am fulfilling my life purpose! I want the impact of Better Than Normal to last 1000 years and not just 100 years!

Hitesh Ramchandani, A man of inspiration

Any piece of advice for people who are reading your story?

You are stronger than your imaginations and believes! You have unbreakable willpower! You are a champion within yourself! You are BETTER THAN NORMAL!

What are the ways people can connect with you?

Very easy to connect, Anyone can reach with my social media profiles and website.

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