Hitman Holla Issues Statement Regarding S*x Tape, Claims He Did Not Orchestrate The Leak

Hitman Holla

Battle Rapper and Wild ‘N Out star Hitman Holla, the stage name of Gerald Fulton Jr, was once a promising basketball player who ended up on the wrong side of the tracks.

His relationship with his girlfriend, Cinnamon, has been quite the topic of discussion on social media as of late.

The couple has been trending on Twitter over the past few months, following a terrifying home break-in, and now, a leaked sex tape.

Who is Hitman Holla?

After getting tired of the dangers of street life, the rapper made the decision to turn his life around through his aggressive style of battle rap in 2008.

He has been part of many rap battles since his debut, attracting the attention of rap enthusiasts across the country.

Hitman Holla has been a recurring cast member of Wild ‘N Out since its sixth season in 2015.

Wild ‘N Out is a sketch comedy show hosted by Nick Cannon that premiered on MTV in 2008.

The show has two teams of comedians compete against one another in a series of improvisational rap games. One team is led by a regular cast member and the other by a celebrity guest. 

The 33-year-old was recently seen in the independent film She-Ball, which Nick Cannon co-wrote. The film stars Cannon as Avery Watts as he recruits a basketball player to help him win the streetball tournament and save the community center he manages, all while struggling to raise his seven-year-old daughter. 

Who is Hitman Holla’s Girlfriend?

In 2016, Hitman Holla was revealed to be dating influencer and entrepreneur, Cinnamon.

Aside from a killer Instagram profile, Cinnamon runs her own online retail store called CINNY.

She also has a cooking business called Cinny’s Food based in Atlanta, Georgia, where she posts recipes and caters for private events.

The influencer often posts pictures of herself with Hitman Holla in luxurious locations, such as yachts and private parties, which she shares with her 343,000 followers. 

The Home Invasion

In October, news broke that their shared home had been broken into at 1 am on October 12,  while Hitman Holla was out of town. It was announced that Cinnamon was in the hospital recovering from severe gunshot wounds.

Hitman Holla revealed via Instagram that he had been on a Facetime call with his girlfriend at the time of the break-in.

He informed his followers that four people had broken into their home, and one had shot Cinnamon.

“Bullet went through her cheek and out the back of her head,” he said. “She’s at the hospital now being strong. Send prayers my way cause y’all couldn’t imagine what I’m going through rite now. Pray for me 2 cause I’m ready to lose it all.”

The rapper claims he was coaching her on what to do the entire time and recalls his fear of losing his girlfriend after she had been shot.

He praised his girlfriend for putting up a fight when she managed to fire a few rounds at the invaders just before she was shot and asked his followers to pray for her recovery.

Cinnamon thanked her followers in her own post the next day, telling her followers she appreciated them and “never knew [she] was this strong till now.”

The couple constantly updated their respective followers on her recovery, and Cinnamon has been active on social media since then, posting fashion shots that include her neck brace.

Her fans have been proud of her willpower, evident in how many respond to these photos positively.

Many of her and Hitman Hollas fans offered their prayers during her recovery and wished her well with each photo she uploaded.

Since the break-in, she has been active on her personal and professional accounts, proving that nothing can stop her from working on her businesses.

The Intimate Leak

The two once again went viral on December 15, 2021.

Hitman Holla was accused of leaking a s*x tape a month ago, but the video has only begun to circulate recently.

Hitman Holla was quick to clear up rumors brought up amidst the backlash he was facing.

According to him, the tape was posted to his ‘close friends’ story, and he believes someone in the list screen recorded and leaked the footage on Twitter.

Cinnamon does not appear to be concerned about the leak, only addressing it in order to clear up rumors.

On Twitter, Hitman Holla captioned his explanation with the following: 

“Would never disrespect my girl and post something she didn’t agree to or didn’t like what sense does that make .. but jokes on me okay cool I’ll be fine.”

Hitman Holla is adamant that Cinnamon knew who the video was going to be shared with, telling his followers that she was aware of every single person on the list.

He includes the fact that his girlfriend has the final say over what he does and does not post whenever she is involved.

Twitter has deleted the leaked video for violating its community guidelines, and Hitman Holla hopes people can move on from this as soon as possible.

Neither party appears to be worried about the opinions of strangers on the Internet, and this will not deter either Cinnamon or Hitman Holla from moving on from the incident.

This leak is not the first time a celebrity has had intimate photos or videos leaked online. There is virtually no way to stop people from recreating accidental footage with the ability to screen record anything.

Once something is posted online, there is no way to truly delete it. Hence, despite Twitter removing the video, many copies are currently being circulated online.

Hitman Holla acknowledges that he was aware of the risk involved with posting a sex tape but appeared to be surprised that someone would choose to circulate it. 

Unfortunately for the couple, some Twitter users seemed eager to see more, addressing the shooting Cinnamon experienced two months prior as a means of poking fun at the leak.

Hitman Holla has not responded to any tweets about the tape, refusing to add anything beyond the explanation he already posted.