Holly Gorski – The Young Star Headed to Hollywood

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Holly Gorski Vizaca

While many stars become famous in their adult life, Holly Gorski decided to get a head start. At just ten years old, Holly was in the Quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent Season 14 and has also voice-acted for multiple popular films and TV series.

Holly’s acting career began at the age of four. She played a pirate in a community musical theater play and quickly had the audience laughing hysterically. It was then that her parents knew she was destined for the entertainment world.

Acting suited Holly well as she always had a desire to “make everyone happy all the time” and was known, even at a young age, to “light up” a room.

At just eight years old, she got her first big break by accepting the role of “Julia Goodway” in the hit animation, “Paw Patrol.” Her ability to convey emotion and define a character through voice resulted in her being the perfect fit for the role.

Afterward, at ten years old, she went on to voice “Marcie”—the intelligent glasses-wearing character in five of the latest Peanuts movies and two TV shows. In her role as “Marcie” across the Peanuts movies and shows, she both sings and voices the character.

One of the Peanuts TV shows, where Holly voices  “Marcie” adding a lot of talent to the show is called “The Snoopy Show” which has won the “Best Animated Program or Series” 2023 Canadian Screen Award, with many of the other films receiving similar awards.

Holly voices “Marcie” in multiple “Snoopy Presents” movie specials, including the Earth Day special, “It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown,” the Mother’s Day special, “To Mom (and Dad) With Love,” the back-to-school special, “Lucy’s School,” and the latest Peanuts holiday special, “For Auld Lang Syne.”  She also voiced Marcie in the Peanuts 70th Anniversary  Documentary, “Who Are You, Charlie Brown?”, which is a collaboration between Imagine Entertainment (Brian Grazer and Ron Howard) and WildBrain.

You can enjoy Holly singing as Marcie in “It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown” as well as the holiday special, “For Auld Lang Syne.” Holly was chosen for the role of “Marcie” based on her unique voice features that bring this animated character to life. Marcie is known to speak dryly but is one of the more insightful characters, who is also known to be mild-mannered, very kind, and intelligent.  

Holly’s precise skills as a voice actor and her unique voice helped create the “Marcie” we all know and love, as she cleverly understands versatility, range, tone, consistency, clarity, good pacing, and exceptional enunciation through experience as an accredited recording artist.

Apart from her acting work in the Peanuts movies, she entered America’s Got Talent and ended up making it to the Quarterfinals along with her group, “GFORCE.” She also became a JUNO-nominated singer for her band’s original six-song EP called, “It’s GFORCE,” receiving the “Children’s Album of the Year” nomination award. Now a trio called GEN:ZED, they continue to write and record, so stay tuned.

As if that’s not enough, she is an ambassador for UNICEF where she works to improve the social and economic positions of children worldwide.

Holly has also had a number of acting roles on highly awarded shows, such as “Holly Hobbie,” “Super Mighty Makers,” and “Odd Squad: Mobile Unit.”

She has seen a lot of success at a young age, but it did not come easy. One of the biggest challenges she, like most in this industry, has to overcome, is rejection. As any successful actor knows, rejection is just part of the game.

On that note, Holly comments: “Getting a lot of no’s eventually leads to a big yes, so never give up on your dreams. I eventually overcome these challenges by focusing on my training behind the scenes and surrounding myself with like-minded individuals…”

She goes on to encourage others to: “…never give up on your dreams and always stay true to yourself and be humble while practicing gratitude daily.”

Holly is working diligently to become a well-known Hollywood A-list actor and to one day earn an Oscar. She is what some would call, “obsessed” with Marvel movies and especially hopes to be a part of the Marvel universe.  

As an accomplished actor and singer, Holly Gorski is one to watch out for.  Apart from her highly respected acting career, her success as a JUNO-nominated singer and as a Quarterfinalist singer, dancer, and performer on America’s Got Talent season 14, her undeniable talent, strong work ethic and humbleness has led her to become a desirable pick for roles in film and TV. 

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