Holographic AR Technology and Integem –A Vision of Revolutionizing the Future

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Holographic AR Technology and Integem A Vision of Revolutionizing the Future

What is Holographic AR?

Imagine traversing through another world where physical limitations are not restrained, where we can see our imagination with our own eyes. Envision stepping inside a beloved video game, a cult classic or one of your own creations, and becoming the main character. These are all possible with Holographic AR.

Holographic Augmented Reality, abbreviated as Holographic AR, encompasses the experience of extracting people and/or objects (their image) from real-life in real time and immerse them into the virtual environment to interact with digital elements naturally.

How Holographic Technology Can Help Our Society?

The technology is diverse and can be molded to benefit various fields. From medical sciences and education to entertainment, this technology is rapidly being used to perform various functions. 

We can simply reshape our every way of working through holographic technologies to make more informed choices in life. Here is a simple example, when we want to buy a dress or a shoe online we just have pictures from a few angles with some product descriptions. That’s why in some cases when the product reaches us, it does not fit our expectations. 

What will happen if you will see a 3D picture of your selected product? You will surely understand what material, texture color or even most minor detail in a product looks like. 

The music and advertising industry have already adopted this technology and according to a few most prompting brands of the world, the future of e-commerce and online businesses will stand on holographic product presentation.

Proven case studies from iconic brands such as Nike, Puma and Louis Vuitton, show that HYPERVSN 3D digital signage can boost sales on average by 12-30 percent (depending on how the technology is utilized).

Dr. Eliza Du is setting a benchmark to facilitate people with holographic AR technology for various fields. Before we discuss more about Holographic AR Technology, here is a small bio of Dr. Eliza Du and her work. 

Dr. Eliza Du Short Bio:

Dr. Eliza Du is an entrepreneur, innovator, industry technology leader, Ph.D. student supervisor, and happy person. She is an expert in AI, computer vision, augmented reality, biometrics, sensor fusion, autonomous vehicle, and education, etc. She published two books, over 100+ top-tier peer-reviewed journal articles and international conference papers. She applied for over 30 patents. All are in the above areas.

Dr. Du co-founded Integem Inc. in July 2015 and she is leading her team to develop the AI-based Holographic Augmented Reality platform. You can find her brief bio below. Please also check out her company website: www.integem.com

Before Dr. Du founded Integem, 2013-2015, she was an engineering director at Qualcomm and led an international team to design the next generational intelligent mobile applications. 

From 2005 to 2013, Dr. Du was a tenured professor at Purdue University and a Ph.D. advisor in the electrical engineering area. She was the director of the Biometrics and Pattern Recognition Lab. Her research was funded by the DOD (Department of Defense), DHS (Department of Homeland Security), DOJ (Department of Justice), DOT (Department of Transportation), NSF (National Science Foundation), local and international companies/organizations. She received the prestigious top scientist award in 2007. 

From 2003 to 2005, Dr. Du was a professor at the US Naval Academy.

Her Vision of Reshaping the World:

In human history, we are all just living in the physical world and must obey the physics law. With the integration of the physical world and digital world, we will no longer be constrained by our physical spaces, locations, and capabilities.

It will open a whole new chapter of human life. This made Dr. Du excited also the limitless opportunities for people to communicate, work, and live inspired her that is why she founded Integem.

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Integem Holographic AR technology enables people to interact with the digital world with body movement, gestures, and voices—the way that humans communicate with other human beings, instead of the traditional human to machine approach: using a keyboard, mouse, and/or touch screen. In different from VR, where people need to wear clunky glasses and be only in the digital world. And is different from traditional AR where people need to use cell phones or gaggles to see the digital world, in Integem Holographic AR, people don’t need those and can freely interact and play with the digital world.

People from different physical locations can be together in any place for meetings, working together, and play together. Here are a couple of examples of how this would change people’s lives/businesses.

For education: Kids no longer learn abstract science from pictures or equations. Kids can be on Mars to learn about Mars. Kids can have vivid first-hand experience to understand the Mars characteristics. Holographic AR makes it possible for kids to do so from their own classrooms.

For remote working: People can work together from their own offices/homes from different countries to design an underwater exploration system together and test the system undersea without physically diving there.

For interactive Holographic AR games: people can easily cosplay into any games together in the game while comfortably at their own home.

For interactive 3D Holographic AR movies: people no longer just watch movies. They can be any character in a movie to act or impact the movie endings. There would not be just one ending for one movie. It is a whole new movie experience.

For interactive news reporting: people won’t just watch the news. People can be in the news scene and have first-hand experiences of what happened. The trend of spreading fake news for political or other agendas will reduce as it will not be easy for channels to show something that has not happened yet.

And more… The applications for our lives would only be limited by our own imagination.

A little About her Company Integem:

Dr. Eliza Du united with her experienced team started her company INTEGEM in 2015 with a belief that Holographic AR will revolutionize how people live, work, and play in the future. Her team members are highly skilled, passionate and enthusiastic about bringing a positive change in society.

At Integem, experts build Holographic AR technology from scratch. Their way of working and deliberate efforts inspired investors and they helped Integem team to move forward to accomplish their vision.

When Integem launched their Holographic AR STEAM programs to the community, young students went crazy about learning and designing. The parents and students became the champion and supported Integem to promote this technology to the schools, government agencies, and society.

Integem Holographic AR platform provides whole new different experiences to people. More than that, it is very simple and easy for people to create their own Holographic AR applications. Kids as young as 5 years old can do it as well. To help people, especially young students to learn to create their own Holographic AR experiences, the company has particularly created Holographic AR STEAM programs for K-12 students. 

 In 2019, the company catered students from over 10 countries and 150+ local schools with their Holographic AR Design and Programming Summer Camp. 

You can find more info about the Holographic AR STEAM camp here: camp.integem.com 

Now the company is working with several international schools to further promote the Holographic AR technology, and STEAM programs. In short, this technology is being adopted by the community organically.

It is just the first step of Integem Company towards revolutionizing people’s lives, work and play. Further, the students will start incorporating the technology for other small or big life concerns. From educating people to helping them restructure their lives, Integem is working hard to make a difference.