ARMED AUDIO founders Kiko Dos Santos and Jack Sotirakis

How ARMED AUDIO founders Kiko Dos Santos and Jack Sotirakis made over $60k in less than 30 Days

You might have heard stories of people starting a business with a huge investment and turning it into a major competitor of the respective market; but have you ever heard of a business that started with very minimum investment and turned into a thousand dollar business within a month?

It is an inspiring story of two young men, Kiko Dos Santos and Jack Sotirakis, with their amazing concept they initiated a business idea on Kickstarter, within a month the business concept earned $62,710 dollars. The revenue is ten times their initial investment.

You may ask yourself; how did they come up with such a brilliant idea and how did they executed accomplish it; accordingly here is the story of the ARMED AUDIO Founders.

About Kiko Dos Santos and Jack Sotirakis:

Kiko and Jack never wanted to live an average life, so they planned to start a business. Just like other bright eyed, new to the scene, young adults, they were unaware at first that their passion would require such an immense investment; therefor the expenditure was a big issue. Along with financing they also need a brilliant idea to attract investors and consumers. They wanted to find an innovative product that was not only profitable but one that their audience would be not only be captivated by, but find practical and useful.

Rather than focusing on complex projects, they commenced developing enhanced versions of daily use products. Assisted by their research team, accompanied with their profound attention towards the functionality of products, they developed the initial idea of ARMED AUDIO.

The journey of a million-dollar business began with the idea of a simple but very smart product, First class headphones that can interchange to state of the art speakers. ARMED AUDIO is a headphone with additional features that make it supreme for the users. After the development of the idea and its design, the most challenging job was to distinguish a manufacturer who would be able to turn their dream brainchild into reality.

ARMED AUDIO Sound master

The pursuit of the manufacturer was not easy; the market revolves around money and experienced business bodies. After a long struggle, they eventually located an adequate manufacturer.

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How Kiko and Jack Got Thousand Dollars Business Idea?

Kiko and Jack struggled during their gym sessions and while working on the computer, the battle of fixing headphones  to be in the most comfortable position and balancing sound to be exactly the way they wanted started to irritate them. This is where the notion of ARMED AUDIO was born.

Keeping in mind the functionality, human anatomy, and durability of the product they started researching material and designs. These headphones are made up of a blend of ABS plastic and aluminum, having an aesthetically appealing look. The product is cost-effective for consumers and has high durability and distinguishing features like turning into the speaker mode and sound adjustment features to accommodate the unique preference of every user.

You can call it a design marvel because of its comfort level, versatility and sound efficiency. With the help of manufacturers, they turned the idea into reality.

Why ARMED AUDIO is Successful? Why People Invested in ARMED AUDIO?

The simple answer to this question is, ARMED AUDIO is not an ordinary product that’s why people invested in it, to make it a successful project. The headphone’s most exclusive feature is the personalization of sound. Rather than programming a proportion of sound mix elements, Kiko and Jack designed ARMED AUDIO in a way that every user can mix the elements at their fingertips.


Usually, headphone manufacturers do not consider the fact that every human has a different way of listening sounds. Their nerves generate responses differently when you mix the same beats with different proportions. ARMED AUDIO allows users to blend the sound elements as they desire. The simple but efficient control system is easy to operate and people with minimum knowledge of music can also adjust it easily.

You can use it as both a speaker and a headphone. To change the mode you don’t have to go through a complex system, just flip the earbuds 180-degrees and your headphone can become speakers.

Why it is Different?

It is not made up of general grade plastic and standard quality metal. The body of ARMED AUDIO is made up of high-quality ABS which makes it durable and flexible.

The adjustable noise cancellation feature makes you hear clearly even if the sound is very low. While listening to music you will feel different because it helps you to hear and focus on every beat.

Now you don’t have to struggle with headphones to adjust them in a comfortable position. With the memory size lock adjustment feature of headphones, you can easily mark your comfortable position for next time.

Why People Should Buy ARMED AUDIO?

ARMED AUDIO is a ground-breaking product for music enthusiasts, sound developers, and common users. The product is cost-effective and offers brilliant features at the price of normal headphones. Plus, it is highly durable and flexible.

The foldable earbuds make it a compact product that can easily fit into a small case provided along with ARMED AUDIO. It makes it useful and easy to carry on the go. The headband is very flexible, even if you bend it extra in the opposite direction it will not break.

The Bluetooth connectivity system is instant and advanced; the connectivity range from the device is also extended. It is aesthetically very appealing, designed with a modern and minimalistic approach. The first look of the device is as attractive as any popular brand. The foam around earbuds is super soft and cozy.


ARMED AUDIO is an all in one product with all the exciting features. The product is designed with a problem-solving approach and fits the dream of every user. Its durability, functionality, long-lasting rechargeable battery and updated programming make it a WOW product for professional and everyday use.

That’s why more and more people are investing in it, through crowdfunding on Kickstarter and other platforms to bring ease in their life.

We can’t wait to see the promising future of this innovative start up.


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