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How Businesses Can Make Money From Old Electronics

Many businesses have store rooms filled with old, unused tech. Go onto any business premises and you’re likely to find a locked stockroom containing devices such as old smartphones, tablets, and laptops or Macbooks sitting around gathering dust. 

The stockpiling issue comes from companies not finding the best solution for resale of these old devices, how to get the best return on old devices, or simply not knowing what to do with broken or obsolete stock. 

If like many others, you face this stockpiling issue, then SellCell has the answer to your problem. Here’s how to make money from unused business tech. 

1. Use to get the best prices for your devices 

“If your business has 25 or more smartphones to sell, then you can contact the SellCell Business Team who can help you get the best prices for your devices. If you need to obtain quotes from individual companies whenever you want to trade tech in, you’ll soon feel like it is more trouble than it is worth. SellCell is motivated to get you the best value for your old devices, every time, with dozens of professional corporate cellphone recycling companies available to us, ensuring the best value for your business” says Sarah McConomy, SellCell’s COO.

SellCell’s Business Team will do all the legwork for you, meaning that you can clear your stock room of old tech, and make the company some money in the process. You’re not limited just to smartphones either, old laptops and tablets can also make your company money. 

Note that trading old tech in with your carrier doesn’t always guarantee you’ll get the best value, so using a comparison service is always going to be a better option. The Business Team can access a network of approved buyback experts, and liaise with them on your behalf, taking all the hard work out of selling your old business tech. 

2. Make money from broken tech

Even if your tech is broken, SellCell can help. Obviously you’ll make more money from working tech, but broken devices still hold a value, and selling them via an expert service like SellCell means you can benefit the environment while making money. 

For example, a broken business smartphone might seem useless, there are components inside that can be stripped out and re-used, offsetting the carbon footprint a business creates when it purchases new devices. 

3. Make money from iCloud and password locked devices

 A password or iCloud-locked device can seem to be as useless as a completely broken device. It is still unusable. Because of this, password locked devices are often left on a shelf and simply replaced with a new device. 

The SellCell Business Team can refer you to specialists in the procurement of iCloud and password locked devices. These specialists can buy your locked devices, taking the problem out of your hands and paying you for the privilege. 

4. Use profits to fund your upgrades 

If you sell your old devices, you can use the proceeds to fund upgrades to new devices in the future. So, if you’re poised to invest in a new smartphone for each employee on your team, it makes sense to sell your old tech and offset the cost of the new tech. 

You could also save even more money by entering the circular economy and buying refurbished handsets for your team. These will work just as well as a brand new handset, only you pay a fraction of the price. 

Make money from your old business tech 

As you can see, you don’t need to waste storeroom space on old tech. If you use a service like SellCell’s Business Team, then you’ll make money for your company, potentially boosting the IT department’s budget in the process.