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How Igor Montemor Helps People Become A Successful Social Media Influencer

The trend of becoming a social media influencer is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Hundreds of new influencers pop up every other day, however, only a few of them are able to become famous. This is because understanding the art of influencer marketing is not easy. Even though everyone is aware of the power of social media, only a minor fraction of these people know how to use it properly and leverage it to become a successful influencer. For such people, Igor Montemor is here to help.

Born in Brazil and raised in Florida, Igor Montemor is the CEO of Connections Collective, a marketing company that specializes in digital marketing, web development, and branding. Igor’s journey started early when he developed an interest in influencer marketing. He learned the ABC of this niche all by himself – with the help of Google and Youtube – and decided to specialize in it. Igor would travel all over the world to meet different influencers, learn about their journey and figure out what made them stand out from others.

“After meeting several different influencers, I noticed that they all had one thing in common: thorough knowledge of how social media marketing works, combined with the will to succeed. I know that sounds generic, but it’s true,” says Igor.”

He further added that the market for influencers has saturated, so in order to succeed, an influencer needs to have an edge over their competitors – and I help them with that.

Igor Montemor

Igor and his team make use of technology and strategic innovations to help their clients reach the heights of success. What makes them unique is the fact that although their overall procedure is standardized, their internal process is still flexible. This gives them the ability to meet a client’s specific requirements and help them grow their business according to what they want. “We keep our clients informed on every step of the way so that they know what we are doing and we can deliver exactly what they asked for,” Igor says.

When talking about the future of influencer marketing, Igor said that the demand for influencer marketing will keep growing. He believes that the companies benefit a lot from influencers as these people can connect with the general masses and thus, they have the ability to “influence” their buying behavior.

This is indeed true. Influencers can reap positive results for a company which is why many companies are now shifting their focus from traditional methods of marketing to digital marketing. This opened a window of opportunity for influencers, which Igor identified a long time ago and that is why his company is one of the most successful digital marketing companies of today.


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