Vital Signs - How Mike Majlak Overcame Addiction

Vital Signs – How Mike Majlak Overcame Addiction

The process of decision-making is one of the most powerful aspects of the human mind. Every decision, however big or small, has the potential for tremendous impact on not only our lives but on the lives of those around us. When Mike Majlak was in an extremely dark place, he dug deep and made the personal and empowered choice to turn his life around.

For years, he’d been an opioid addict watching his life become a wasteland of his own doing. He’d found himself living on the edge, not knowing if he’d be alive to take a breath the next day.

He’d watched as his friends and family had drifted away, unable to bear witness to his demise any longer.

He’d reached a point of no return where his only choices were to take steps to recover his life or die young. Through sheer determination and the desire to make a better life for himself, Mike Majlak began to pull his way of the mess he’d created. Bit by bit, he began to rebuild his life.

Today, Mike is a social media icon followed by millions of people who are inspired by his story. He co-hosts the number-one podcast in the world, Impulsive, with his friend, Logan Paul, and millions of people tune in every day to watch his solo gig, The Night Shift. Mike recently released his debut book—a memoir titled The Fifth Vital which dives into his early years as an opioid addict and takes the reader step-by-step through his journey of darkness and recovery.

The book details the frightening aspects of Mike’s addiction, the horrific events he faced while in the throes of drug use, and his remarkable journey back to sobriety and success. It’s a read you won’t want to miss.

You can purchase The Fifth Vital online at the following places: Amazon: Apple BooksKobo: Barnes & Noble: You can also follow Mike Majlak on social media: Instagram: @HeyBigMike Twitter: @MikeMajlak YouTube: Mike Majlak Vlogs


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