How Much Charli D’amelio Earns From Tiktok Videos?

How Much Charli D'amelio Earns From Tiktok Videos

How much does Charli D’Amelio earn from Tiktok videos? Why is she so popular among teenagers? Get to know every detail about her in this article.

Due to the overall destruction wreaked by the Coronavirus, last year was a horrible year for every individual. Even still, in this epidemic, there is a girl on TikTok named Charli D’Amelio who has amassed over 100 million fans.

Her TikTok earnings have topped $100 million in just two years, and she now earns tens of thousands of dollars for every sponsored video she posts.

Charli D’Amelio’s Life

Born on May 1st, 2004, in Norwalk, Connecticut, Charli is the youngest of three children of Republican former Connecticut senator Marc D’Amelio and model/photographer Heidi D’Amelio. Dixie D’Amelio, her older sister, is also a TikTok creator and has over 50 million fans.

Charli D’Amelio’s Life

Until she became famous on TikTok, Charli had a comfortable life with her parents and siblings. Her father, Marc D’Amelio, is the creator of Level 4 Collective, a wholesale multiline showroom and sales agency for several high-end fashion companies. He again ran for the Connecticut State Senate in 2018 but lost.

Heidi D’Amelio, her mother who raised her, used to be a model and personal trainer. Dixie D’Amelio, Charli’s older sister, had been planning to attend college, but instead decided to follow in her footsteps and become a digital content maker as well.

Road to Success

In May 2019, Charli downloaded TikTok after being pushed by her buddies. In her debut video, she was seen lip syncing with a pal. She used to upload videos horizontally to show off her dancing abilities. However, as time went on, she began to get more comfortable with the platform by recording herself dancing in mundane surroundings such as her bedroom.

Two months later, she released her first viral video, a side-by-side clip with another TikTok content producer (@move with joy) in which she mimicked the latter’s simple dancing moves. The video had over two million views, and Charli had amassed a following of 100,000 by the end of August 2019. After a few months, she had surpassed the 5-million-follower milestone.

Let's Find Out How Much She Earns from Her TikTok Videos

Charli and Dixie got to know Los Angeles well by joining the Hype House, a group of online producers who frequently cooperated. They joined the Hype House in November 2019 and eventually departed when it became a business. In May 2020, both of them left the Hype House.

Charli became the first TikTok user to surpass 100 million followers in November 2020.  Now, Charli, the Tiktok star has over 123.5 million followers. Khabane Lame came in second place, having a fan base of almost 107.54 million.


Tinker the mouse’s voice was dubbed by Charli in StarDog and TurboCat, a 2019 animated feature film. Charli starred in her first film with Nick Frost (as Buddy/StarDog), Luke Evans (as Felix/TurboCat), and Gemma Arterton (as Cassidy).

The D’Amelio Show, a new reality series starring Charli D’Amelio and her family, has the potential to be the next big thing after the Kardashians. To learn more about Charli, Dixie, Heidi, and Marc D’Amelio, tune in to Hulu on September 3, 2021 for the premiere of the new series.

What Made Her So Popular?

For the past ten years, Charli has trained and competed in dancing. In fact, she actually practiced with Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller, the show’s famed choreographer. Charli’s videos on TikTok were always algorithmic gold. As a result, her dancing videos immediately distinguished out in terms of uniqueness.

Aside from that, she’s performed on stage alongside Bebe Rexha, who opened for the Jonas Brothers at the Barclays Center in New York in 2013. Charli claims that it was Rexha who first contacted her through DM and asked if she’d be willing to offer her dancing abilities to the stage.

Lastly, Charli took part in Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl Challenge, which was all about Latina-American culture and featured some wild fire dance moves. She brightened up the event by dancing along with Miss Jenny from the Block herself.

Charli and Lil Huddy

Chase Hudson aka Lil Huddy on Tiktok and Charli D’Amelio were in a relationship. They collaborated a lot on the platform of TikTok, which gained them so many followers. Since the two were TikTok’s biggest stars, it was impossible to avoid hearing about them whenever you used the app. They announced their dating status at the beginning of 2020.

But a few months later, both Charli and Chase abruptly ended their relationship after it was revealed that Chase had an affair with fellow TikToker Nessa Barrett while Charli was still seeing Josh Richards. However, after a public apology, both of them got together back on good terms, but as friends.

On September 1, during an Access Hollywood interview with the D’Amelio family, the topic of relationships was broached, causing Charli to speak candidly about her friendship with Hudson in the wake of their public breakup.

“Relationships at my age are hard for anyone,” she expounded. “I think everyone else having a say in your relationship is something that’s definitely not easy, and I think, obviously, it’s no secret that Chase and I had a public breakup. I think it’s something we really learned from.”

She added, “I think it kind of made us grow together as people, which is why we’re so close now and are able to be such close friends, because at the end of the day, I know I can lean on him for anything, and he knows he has me.”

What precisely is Charli D’Amelio’s net worth?

Despite being the most popular and most followed creative on the network, she doesn’t make the most money like Addison Rae. Charli, on the other hand, is the second-highest paid TikTok creator. According to Forbes, Charli made $4 million in her first year on TikTok through endorsement deals with businesses including EOS Cosmetics, Dunkin’, Sabra Hummus (for which she starred in a 2020 Super Bowl commercial) and Hollister, for whom she is a spokesperson with Dixie.

She also earns revenues from the Charli merchandise she released in May of 2020. It was just around Charlie’s birthday when the merchandise line launched, and one of the products included a depiction of Charli wearing glasses and a birthday party hat.

Charli’s net worth is estimated by Celebrity Net Worth at $8 million, which includes her TikTok earnings and numerous sponsorship deals. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Charli earns at least $100,000 for every sponsored TikTok post.


Charli is a genuine 16-year-old girl having a good time on the internet, but she’s also gifted. Because of her accomplishments, D’Amelio has achieved financial and cultural stability, which allows her to be blissfully unaware. However, despite the uncertainty surrounding TikTok’s future, her career has not been jeopardized.

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