How Much Does Jeff Bezos Make A Second

How Much Does Jeff Bezos Make A Second

As the richest person in the world, how does Jeff Bezos make a second? People often question how it’s like having such enormous wealth. Hardly following his lifestyle through the media is not enough, though. Luckily, experts have crunched the number to determine how much Jeff Bezos per second!

We will start by telling the man’s short biography. We will also elaborate on Bezos’ base salary and yearly compensation. Then, we will evaluate his earnings and associate them with the average worker’s wages. Lastly, we will answer just how much does Jeff Bezos makes a second!

Who is Jeff Bezos?

Worth an estimated $201 billion, Bezos’ net worth makes him the wealthiest man on Earth. His wealth surpasses those of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Jeff Bezos traces his roots in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was born on January 12, 1964, with his real name Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen.

After his parents got divorced, his mother married Miguel “Mike” Bezos, a Cuban immigrant. When he reached four years of age, Jeffrey’s surname changed to Bezos.

Later, the family migrated to Houston, Texas. Then in high school, they moved once more to Miami, Florida. There, he grew a passion for computers and graduated valedictorian.

Also, he began his first business, the Dream Institute, in his high school days. It was an educational summer camp that allowed 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Eventually, he went to Princeton University to study college. In 1986, Jeff Bezos graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science.

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How Did Jeff Bezos Start:

Before we reveal how much Jeff Bezos makes a second, let’s go through his modest beginnings. It would encourage us to learn how he reached his current level of affluence.

After graduating in 1988, Jeff Bezos got lucrative job offers from Intel and other tech firms. However, he rejected them and began his fintech telecommunication business, Fitel.

Meanwhile, he also transitioned into the banking field. He took the position of product manager at Bankers Trust. Then, he left in 1990 to join the D. E. Shaw & Co. hedge fund.

In 1993, he left the hedge fund to start Amazon in his garage. This would later make everyone curious to know how much does Jeff Bezos makes every second!

He expected Amazon to be an online bookstore. However, it soon became the store where we buy almost everything we want and require!

Aside from the massive online store, Bezos also controls other businesses like Washington Post. Also, he pledged $10 billion under the Bezos Earth Funds for philanthropic climate programs.

Breakdown of Jeff Bezos’ wealth

According to Forbes ‘ calculations, shares of the e-commerce giant were up 1.1%, pushing Bezos’ net worth up by $2.3 billion—to $201 billion. Investors have been eagerly awaiting Amazon’s earnings for the beginning of 2021, which the company releases after the market close.

Bezos is the first person in history to be worth more than $200 billion, but it is not his first time reaching the milestone. He first passed the $200 billion mark in August 2020, an achievement previously unseen in the nearly four decades Forbes has been tracking billionaire net worths. Amazon stock soon fell, dropping Bezos’ fortune under $200 billion for the rest of 2020 and early 2021. The Amazon founder and CEO are now $15 billion richer than French luxury tycoon Bernard Arnault, the world’s second-wealthiest person, and $30 billion richer than Tesla CEO Elon Musk briefly took the top place in January is now number three in the world.

What is Jeff Bezos’s annual income?

Bezos earned a base salary of $81,840 in 2019. His base salary has stayed the same since at least 1998. In addition to the base salary, Bezos earned $1.6 million in other compensation in 2019. Therefore, his annual income in 2019 totaled about $1.7 million.

For perspective, Bezos’s annual income in 2019 was only a tiny fraction of what fellow executives at other companies received. Tesla CEO Elon Musk received $595.3 million in total compensation in 2019, making him the highest-paid executive in the U.S. last year. Apple CEO Tim Cook received $133.7 million in total compensation last year, making him the second-highest paid executive in the U.S.

Bezos’s total annual compensation has stayed at $1.7 million for years.

What is Jeff Bezos’s income per second?

There are several methods to calculate how much Bezos makes per second, per day, and other timeframes. You could calculate what the billionaire receives per second using his annual income or change in net worth. 

Starting with the annual income, Bezos took home $1,681,840 in total compensation from Amazon in 2019, which included $81,840 in base income and $1,600,000 in other compensation. He earned $140,153 a month, $35,038 a week, $5,005 a day, $208.56 an hour, $3.48 a minute, and $0.058 a second last year. 

Working with the increase in Bezos’s net worth, you can calculate what he makes per second this year. Bezos added $67.4 billion to his net worth so far in 2020 as of August 12 or over, roughly seven and a half months. He is making about $8.99 billion a month or $2.25 billion per week this year. Breaking the amount down more, Bezos is making about $321 million a day, $13.4 million an hour, $222,884 a minute, and $3,715 a second this year.

The largest single-day increase in Bezos’s net worth is $13 billion, which he achieved on July 20, 2020. He made $542 million per hour, $9.0 million per minute, and $150,463 per second that day.

What is the source of Jeff Bezos’s wealth?

Bezos holds various expensive homes and operates several businesses. In addition to Amazon, Bezos owns space travel company Blue Origin and media publisher The Washington Post. The billionaire purchased the newspaper for $250 million in 2013.

The reason that Bezos owns The Washington Post does not sit well with President Donald Trump.

Most of Bezos’s wealth is tied to his shareholding in Amazon. Amazon stock has soared about 70 percent this year, which has lifted Bezos’s net worth to record highs. Bezos is Amazon’s top shareholder with a stake of more than 11 percent, which translates to $173 billion at Amazon’s market capitalization of about $1.6 trillion. Bezos’s Amazon stake dropped after he cut out a portion of his stake and gave it to his ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos in a divorce settlement.

Bezos is expanding his wealth to philanthropic efforts and environmental protection initiatives. The billionaire has pledged to spend $10 billion on climate programs under the Bezos Earth Fund.

Interesting Facts About Jeff Bezos Wealth:

Here are ten interesting facts that explain to you just how wealthy Bezos is.

1. Bezos makes $3,715 per second — more than twice what the median U.S. worker makes in one week.

As Business Insider’s Hillary Hoffower previously reported, that means that in just one minute, the Amazon chief makes more than three times what the median U.S. worker makes in a year: about $47,000, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

2. After divorcing MacKenzie Bezos and giving up 25% of the Amazon stock owned by the couple, Jeff Bezos maintained his ranking as the wealthiest person in the world.

MacKenzie Bezos is now the fifth-richest woman globally, after David Koch’s widow Julia Flesher Koch, L’Oreal heiress Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, Walmart heiress Alice Walton, and Mars candy company heiress Jacqueline Mars.

MacKenzie, who was one of Amazon’s first employees, is worth an approximated $42.5 billion.

3. With his $201 billion, Bezos has a net worth equal to about 28% of the top 100 US college endowments.

The three wealthiest colleges in the U.S. in 2018, based on the size of their endowments, were Harvard University, with $38.3 billion. The University of Texas system, with $30.9 billion, and Yale University, with $29.4 billion.

Bezos’ wealth is more significant than those three universities’ endowments combined — with more than $31 billion to spare.

4. Bezos is so wealthy that an average American spending $1 is similar to Bezos spending about $1.3 million.

The median net worth of an average U.S. household is $97,300. Dividing $130 billion by $97,300 comes to about $1.3 million.

5. The Amazon CEO is about 48% richer than the British monarchy.

The British royal family was worth an estimated $88 billion in 2017, according to Forbes.

6. Bezos is worth almost the equivalent of the entire gross domestic product of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s GDP is about $130 billion, according to The World Bank.

7. Bezos’ net worth is greater than Iceland, Luxembourg, and Zimbabwe’s GDP combined.

Iceland’s GDP is $25.8 billion, Luxembourg’s is $70 billion, and Zimbabwe’s is about $31 billion, for about $127 billion.

8. According to the Social Security Administration, the average American man with a bachelor’s degree will make about $2.2 million in his lifetime. Bezos makes that in just under 15 minutes.

According to the SSA, the average American woman with a bachelor’s degree will earn $1.3 million in her lifetime.

According to Business Insider’s calculations last year, Bezos, who has a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, makes $149,353 every minute.

9. Even if a moderate wealth tax had been implemented in America almost 40 years ago, Bezos would still be the second-richest person in the world.

At the end of 2018, Bezos was worth $160 billion.

If the U.S. had introduced a moderate wealth tax in 1982 — when the first Forbes 400 data on American billionaires was published — his net worth would now be about half that, or $86.8 billion, according to recent research published in Brookings Papers on Economic Activity.

But even with a mere $86.8 billion fortune, Bezos would still be one of the wealthiest people in the world, outranked only by French businessman Bernard Arnault.

A wealth tax has been highlighted among the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren calling for increased taxes on the super-rich.

10. Bezos lost more money in 2019 than almost any other billionaire in the world, but he is still the richest of them all.

The Amazon CEO’s net worth took a hit of more than $10 billion in 2019 — but he’s still on top.

There is no doubt that Jeff Bezos is making his fortune through his hard work and persistence, and he is the motivation for many of us as well. We hope this article will answer all your questions regarding his wealth, especially how much does Jeff Bezos makes a second.