How Old Is Jenna Ortega In Wednesday?

How Old Is Jenna Ortega In Wednesday

Jenna Ortega is a 20-year-old Hollywood sensation and her career took off with Netflix’s series Wednesday, where she captivated audiences as the sixteen year old character of Wednesday Adams from The Addams Family.

Already breaking streaming records for viewership in a single week, fans can be excited to see Jenna bring more life into this beloved classic character!

Netflix’s series starring Jenna Ortega, entitled Wednesday, is an intriguing dramedy adventure. It follows the story of a spunky teenage girl who discovers that she is the sole descendant of one of the most powerful witches in existence.

Desperate to escape her hometown and break away from her normal life, Wednesday embarks on a fearless journey to find her identity and fight against evil forces.

In this thrilling series, she is accompanied by two young brothers and attempts to thwart the nefarious efforts of a movie star-slash-responsible-for-all-evil.

A compelling look at family dynamics and a creative spin on classic fairy tale elements make Wednesday a must-watch for viewers looking for something new and exciting!

The early life of Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega was born in Coachella Valley in California, USA. Growing up, she began acting and her family moved to Burbank so she could be closer to the entertainment industry.

She pursued acting as a young teenager, landing small roles in popular TV shows like, “CSI: NY,” “Good Luck Charlie,” and “Doc McStuffins,” as well as films such as “Iron Man 3” and “Won’t Back Down.” She eventually found success when she was cast as Harley Diaz in the Disney Channel hit show, “Stuck In The Middle.”

After that, Jenna went on to star in more projects such as the lead role of Ellie Alves in the Netflix original series, “You,” which made her wildly popular with teenage audiences around the world. Jenna’s hard work and talent have certainly paid off!

Jenna Ortega family members

The Ortega family, with Jenna (20) in the middle, is one of six siblings living under the same roof. The oldest child is Isaac (23), born on New Year’s Day 1998. Jan. 25 of the following year, his sister Mariah was born.

Two years later, on May 15, 2000, Mia arrived. Jenna was born on September 27, 2002 and then came her twin siblings Aaliyah and Markus (18) in June 2004.

The Ortega family is a multi-generational Hispanic legacy that began over four generations ago with Edward A. Ortega and Natalie Ortega great grandparents who immigrated to the United States from Mexico.

Natalie’s parents are both Puerto Rican immigrants and share a strong bond with their extended family in Puerto Rico — both sets of relatives have embraced the Ortega children as part of their own family since their birthdays.

Outside of their house, the Ortega kids are active in sports and other extracurricular activities like cheerleading and dance competitions — Jenna has even garnered several awards for her dance performances while Mariah plays soccer competitively amongst other teams outside of school. Isaac has also been playing basketball since he was young and now coaches a youth team in his hometown during his free time throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Mia enjoys painting and drawing, which she shares proudly with her parents by displaying her art around the house for all to appreciate — including little Aaliyah who likes to look up at it as if it were a ceiling mural! And last but not least, Markus has been very passionate about music since he was introduced to it by his older siblings — he plays the drums to this day and loves jamming out on them whenever he can find some time alone or with friends!

With such an outgoing bunch growing up together under one roof, it’s no surprise that when they aren’t busy being involved in various activities outside of home they still manage to keep themselves entertained by coming up with creative games or just hanging out together as any typical sibling group might do!

Despite their differences in age among each other and varying interests pertaining to them individually, they’ve developed an unbreakable bond that makes them unique as one big happy family unit wherever they go!

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