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PhishProtection is a cloud-based email security service (SaaS) that protects companies and their employees from the latest phishing attacks. Because it’s cloud-based, it requires no hardware, no software, no maintenance and sets up in about 10 minutes. All of those are very important to PhishProtection customers.

How did Brad Slavin get the idea?

Brad Slavin, the founder of PhishProtection and a small business owner himself, understands the dilemma of cost-conscious small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) when it comes to cybersecurity. They frequently can’t afford to pay what the big boys pay for the top-end security solutions, which often involve a lot of handholding.

What Brad knew is that he could offer about 90% of the protection the big boys get at a small fraction of what they pay. And that is perfect for cost-conscious SMBs.

Why is PhishProtection seeing good month-to-month growth?

While PhishProtection hasn’t been around that long, it’s experienced dramatic month-to-month growth for the exact reason Brad envisioned. Savvy, cost-conscious SMBs would recognize the inherent value of deploying sophisticated email security technology at a price they could never afford from a Fortune 500 supplier catering to the enterprise market.

The retention rate of PhishProtection customers is also outstanding, primarily due to its excellent return on investment (ROI). PhishProtection costs just pennies per month per employee but keeps those companies safe from things like ransomware and malware, which are extremely difficult and expensive to recover from.

How is PhishProtection different from other offerings in this space?

Brad has really tried to differentiate PhishProtection from other offerings in this space by staying focused on the SMB market. He understands they haven’t the time nor manpower to deal with things like email security, so he focused PhishProtection on two things: simplicity and customer service.

To achieve those objectives, PhishProtection has a simple dashboard with a real-time view of the email queue and activity log. And all plans come with 24/7 live international technical support.

Why Should System Admins & IT Managers sign up at PhishProtection?

Phishing attacks are not going away. In fact, they’re growing. It’s time consuming for IT managers to stay up to the minute with the latest attacks, and counting on employees to be the last line of defense has proved extremely ineffective.

PhishProtection is low-cost, easy-to-deploy technology that makes 99% of email security headaches go away in 10 minutes. There’s also no risk in trying it as it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


PhishProtection is one of those rare products where the value it delivers dramatically outweighs its cost. To be able to protect all the employees of an SMB with nothing out of pocket in 10 minutes for a low monthly fee is just a total win for those companies. It’s easy to see why PhishProtection is so popular.

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