How To Spend An Unforgettable Weekend In Atlantic City

How To Spend An Unforgettable Weekend In Atlantic City

The vibrant town is famous for its beautiful beaches and thrilling casino, often called the Las Vegas of the Garden State. It’s the perfect destination for an epic adventure.

Jeffrey Scott, a long-time resident and insider of Atlantic City, is an expert from NJCasimile, and has crafted this review to ensure you experience the best the city has to offer.

From luxurious stays to gaming thrills, AC guarantees a weekend you’ll remember forever. Get ready to discover the gems of this exciting seaside city. 

Choose a Comfort Hotel

Choosing a hotel is indeed a critical aspect of your travel experience.

It’s not just a place to rest your head. Your adventure begins at the hotel, and you recharge after a day of excitement. It also offers moments of relaxation, becoming a haven during your trip.

A well-selected hotel significantly enhances your journey.

It provides amenities and services that make your stay enjoyable and stress-free.

The luxury it offers contributes to your overall trip, making it more memorable.

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is not just a place to sleep but a masterpiece of architecture. Its unique design exudes sophistication, and its rooms set a high bar for comfort. Unwind in their plush spaces after a day of adventure.

The hotel features Casino & Poker Table Games for entertainment, ensuring an exciting gaming experience right at your doorstep.

Ocean Casino Resort

If you’re seeking a place that offers a wide spectrum of activities, the Ocean Casino Resort is the perfect choice.

This resort covers you, from lounging by the pool to pumping your adrenaline in the casino complex.

When night falls, indulge in the vibrant nightlife or enjoy one of the many events hosted at the resort.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City stands out with its remarkable spa facilities for customers looking to pamper themselves.

After treating yourself to a rejuvenating spa session, you can dive into the excitement of their legendary hall.

With its high-energy atmosphere, it’s a place where rock ‘n roll meets gaming fun.

Walking Around the Famous Landmarks and Attractions

AC has iconic landmarks and attractions you won’t want to miss. Start your tour at the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

This historic oceanfront path offers stunning sea views, quaint shops, and delicious eateries.

It’s also the perfect spot for a leisurely bike ride or a scenic jog.

Next, make your way to the Absecon Lighthouse. As New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse and one of the oldest in the country, it offers breathtaking panoramic skyline views.

Don’t forget to explore the museum and gift shop in the original 1854 Keeper’s House.

If you’re a fan of arcade games, the Central Pier Arcade is a must-visit. You’ll find classic and new games offering fun for all ages. Plus, they have go-karts for people seeking a bit more thrill.

Last, but not least, visit Kennedy Plaza. This Atlantic City gem hosts various events, from free concerts to outdoor fitness classes.

It’s also a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the vibrant Atlantic City atmosphere.

Exploring the Casino Scene

The casino scene is truly the vibrant heart of Atlantic City. It pulses with excitement, providing an unmatched atmosphere of thrill and fun.

This world-class gaming experience becomes a focal point for many visitors to the city.

Each casino hall is filled with a variety of thrilling games. From poker to slot machines, there’s something to cater to every taste and skill level.

Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a curious novice, these games offer unique entertainment.

Try to Hit the Jackpot

The glitz and glamour of the casinos are a sight to behold, and they provide endless opportunities for those seeking to try their luck.

The MGM Resort, known for its opulent décor and high-stakes games, is a favorite among seasoned players.

The Caesars Resort offers a more classical experience with its ancient Roman theme and various gaming options. T

he newly reimagined Stardust Casino is another great choice, featuring various innovative games and a fresh, modern ambiance. You might even hit the jackpot.

Visit Casino Music Shows

But it’s not just about the games. Atlantic City’s casinos are also renowned for their top-notch entertainment.

Check out the live music performances that often take place in these establishments.

Whether it’s pop stars at the MGM Resort or a local artist performing at the Stardust, these shows add a new layer of excitement to your gambling experience.

From the high-energy gaming floor to the lively music scene, Atlantic City’s casinos offer an unforgettable experience.

Taste the culinary delights

Atlantic City is known as the “Vegas of the East Coast.” It’s famous not just for its lively casinos but also for its diverse culinary scene.

A favorite among visitors is the all-you-can-eat buffets. They offer various mouth-watering dishes that provide excellent value for money.

Whether you are a gambler or a food lover, these buffets are a must-try. For example, you’ll find some top buffets in the heart of the city’s casinos.

One of them is the Borgata Buffet at Borgata Casino Hotel & Spa. This place is renowned for its extensive seafood selection.

It offers a luxurious spread of crab legs, shrimp, and oysters. Additionally, it serves Italian, Asian, and American cuisines.

Another notable buffet is the Fresh Harvest Buffet at Hard Rock Hotel. This buffet stands out for its farm-to-table concept.

It features locally sourced, fresh ingredients, and the menu changes with the seasons.

Not far from the scene is Kelsey’s Atlantic City. It’s a classic diner-style restaurant that offers a buffet-style brunch on weekends. The menu includes classic American comfort food that will satisfy your cravings.

For seafood lovers, the Steel Pier’s All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet at the Ocean Reef Bar is a must-visit.

Atlantic City’s buffet scene promises something for everyone.

From seafood and decadent desserts to vibrant Asian cuisine, these buffets offer high-quality food at affordable prices.

So, on your next betting spree in town, don’t forget to indulge in these culinary delights.

“I’ve come to appreciate some lesser-known spots that locals adore. Among these, Knife and Fork Inn is a historic restaurant with unique Prohibition-era charm. It’s off the typical tourist path, but it’s an experience you won’t forget. The ambiance, the history, and of course, the food – it’s a place I’ve recommended repeatedly.” – Jeffrey Scott.

Nightlife in Atlantic City

If you’re in for a nostalgic trip back to the ’70s and ’80s, “Boogie Nights” is your go-to spot. It’s an enticing dance club with vibrant disco balls, classic hits, and funky dance moves.

Do you enjoy live music with their cocktails? “GypsyBar” offers an extensive tequila menu and heart-thumping performances.

It’s a spot where eclectic decor meets spirited nightlife.

If you’re a fan of pool parties, “The Pool After Dark” is a must-visit. It’s an indoor tropical oasis that hosts some of the best parties in town.

Lastly, for people who prefer laid-back beach-themed bars, “Wet Willie’s Atlantic City” is the place. It offers a range of slushy drinks that cater to every taste.

So, whatever your preferences, Atlantic City’s nightlife promises an unforgettable evening of fun.

Don’t forget about shopping

Shopping in AC is an experience you won’t want to miss. “The Quarter at Tropicana” is an enchanting destination with an Old Havana theme.

There are diverse shops, restaurants, and entertainment options here.

For bargain hunters, “Tanger Outlets Atlantic City” is a must-visit. This open-air mall offers over 100 brand-name and designer outlet stores, perfect for a full shopping day.

“The Playground at Caesars” is another shopping haven, boasting high-end brands against a stunning sea view.

It’s an elegant, oceanfront shopping experience you’ll truly appreciate.

Lastly, you’ll find “Hamilton Mall” a bit further from the city center. It’s the largest indoor mall in the region, offering many shopping and dining options.

In AC, shopping is far more than a pastime — it’s a delight.

FAQs about an unforgettable weekend in Atlantic City

What is the average budget for a weekend in Atlantic City?

A weekend may cost about $600-800 per person. Staying in a top-notch hotel like Borgata or Ocean Casino Resort can cost $200-300 per night.

Dining, particularly at premium buffets or restaurants, may be around $30-50 per meal.

If you plan to indulge in entertainment and gaming, add $100-200 to your budget. For a family of four, budget around $2000-3000 for the weekend.

Can I visit the casino without being a hotel guest?

Yes, you can. All casinos in Atlantic City welcome non-hotel guests.

This includes those at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Ocean Casino Resort, and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. You can enjoy their gaming and entertainment offerings even if you’re not staying there.

Is Atlantic City suitable for a family weekend getaway?

Absolutely. Atlantic City is a great destination for families. It has beautiful beaches and historic landmarks.

You can visit the Atlantic City Boardwalk and Absecon Lighthouse.

The Central Pier Arcade is a fun spot for the whole family. Many hotels and resorts are family-friendly. But remember, some areas are adult-oriented, like casinos and certain nightlife venues.