How To Take Care Of Your Bedding

A clean and fresh room is one of the most important elements of a good night’s sleep. Although the range of products on the market will help reduce moisture and create a fresh scent, your bed should be a save haven from toxins. The products you buy and the way you care for them have a great impact on the quality of your sleep. By choosing a bed fabric that is strongly anti-bacterial and that stimulates the flow of air, can significantly improve the health of your bed.

AIZOME BEDDING was developed by dermatologists in Japan to provide your body and skin with a restful sleep without synthetic or irritating substances. It has recently been very successful on crowdfunding and featured in Forbes, the Independent and many top tier publications. We got our hand on one of these luxury sheets and love them to bits. Most people have never owned such a luxury bedding, so we made a guide on how to care for such luxury bedding textile.


To maintain high-quality products, you must avoid aggressive cleaning liquids and powders, fabrics, dry debris and bleach, and weaken the natural fibers of this layer. Keep a blanket away from household cleaning products and personal care products that contain benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acid to avoid sparks.


Because the sheets are ant-bacterial, they need a lot less washing. Even after weeks of not washing there is no bad smell. This is because most bacteria (whose fermentation is the cause of smell) dies of quickly because of the natural indigo used. Sheets, pillows and linen bags should be washed every two weeks, and the decorative elements or additional layers should not come into direct contact with the skin (for example, blankets, journalists or euros), should be cleaned every three months. Pillows, pillows and mattress covers should be washed less frequently, every three to six months.

Professional advice: wash the bed at the beginning of each season to ensure regular cleaning.


Choose a gentle wash powder. Do not be fooled by marketing as cheap powder is often full of chemicals. Depending on what kind of machine you use: Fill the washing machine with cold water for the satin and towels or fill the washing machine with lukewarm water for the clusters and the main beds. Add a mild liquid detergent, less than the manufacturer. Let the soap dissolve before putting the bedding in the washing machine. If you use a rinse, make sure it is not chlorine. We recommend that OxyClean remove stains or add vinegar and prepare clothes to shake the bed. Do not forget to wash the same things, the same color, and the same cloth, and never add clothes to the shelves, hooks, etc. in the bed. This causes a hit and a pass. Best way of drying is in the sun, while lying flat. Hanging is also possible but be aware that when hanging a heavily wet sheet many times over, it might stretch. If you use a dryer set to a small amount of heat, since the fibers will be brittle due to strong heat. Reduce energy consumption and soften points by adding dry dry balls to the drying cycle.

Tip: place the bed directly on the bed before it is fully dry, to avoid ironing.


Nobody wants pollution! These unwanted visitors cause symptoms of acne and asthma or chronic sinuses. The quilts reduce the audible dust of the population and improve the shelf life of their products. This not only provides an additional external barrier between the quilt and the dirt but also reduces the amount of reduction that is obtained from the quilt in the bedroom. Aizome Bedding offers a Lifetime Warranty, which is great to know and give you peace of mind.


Choose a dry and cool cabinet, without direct sunlight and one which is well ventilated. Natural fibers need air to breathe! Never place the cover in plastic containers: they will absorb moisture and cause the formation of mold, avoiding the cardboard, which can cause the formation of acid in the fabric. Aizome comes in a wonderful box which is great for storage.

Professional advice: Make sure the bed is completely dry before folding it.


Aizome Bedding is completely organic which is made from only two plants without any hidden extras. It contains no polyester, no heavy metals, no micro-plastics, no formaldehyde, and no gross stuff. It is hard to describe it without trying it. Is it worth 300-400 USD? Absolutely!


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