Knowing the Tricks of Tracking A Phone Has Become A Necessary Nowadays

Because of fast going life and all the crime happening these days, it has become essential to know the location of a family through tracking the phones. It also lets you know that they are fine and not in the reach of any harm.

Another possibility of losing your phone can be stressful. Our devices hold numbers of personal information and probably sensitive data. Missing your phones could show harmful results if you use it to save some sensitive pieces of information, and misplacing it, loaded with pictures of your loved ones could be unbearable.

If you use an Android device, you must know that there are several tools you can use to find the location of your device. There are measures you can take to make your devices easy to locate if you misplace them, lose them, or are the sufferer of theft.

We have collected a list of tools you can use to track your Android phone, tablet, or smartwatch 

So, let’s get started:

Find My Device

The app makes things easy to find your misplaced device, and it is free to download it from the Play Store. After installing the app, it will direct you to log in and to be certain that the location is turned on. Once the app is installed and operating, you can find your device, as long as it is turned connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

To track your phone, you can also go to  from any browser, whether on your computer or another smartphone. If you are logged into your Google account you can also just type “find my phone” into Google.

If your lost device has access to the internet and location is on you will be able to find it. One of the excellent features here is that you can secure the device and write a note with an accompanying phone number. If someone gets or has your device, all they have to do is click on the Call Me button on the screen to call the particularized phone number. You can also prefer to play a sound or erase the data of the phone from distant if you have no other option left.


Prey is another free app to use for up to three devices, there are paid plans for more, and this app can be used for both computers and phones. After signing up, just sync your devices, sit back, and not to be worried. When your phone goes lost, all you have to do is reach a computer, log into your account, and begin tracking. Prey works discreetly in the background and will not trace your phone’s location until you allow it to, so there is no need to be worried about your privacy while the phone is in your possession.


The app Lookout includes security, tracking, and antivirus or malware security. There are many attractive features, such as the capacity to record a phone’s last location right before the battery goes down, the possibility to back up contact data before a distant erase, and the option to take a photo of any would-be robber and email it to yourself along with location data.

The lookout gives Safe Wi-Fi and System Advisor features to shield against Wi-Fi attacks and to control your device to make sure the operating system is working well. It is free, but for upgrading to Premium for $30 per year for features like safe browsing and breach reports, which gives you alerts if a company, service, or app you use doubted a data breach, or Premium Plus for $100 per year to get features like identification of theft security and lost wallet restoration.

Avast Antivirus & Security

One of the big names in the antivirus industry, Avast’s name should be well-known to many PC users. The app is more of a comprehensive package, giving virus scanning and protection, backup options, and power-saving as well as anti-theft options. You can remotely lock or clean your smartphone, listen remotely, or take a “Theftie” of the criminals themselves. You can also activate secrecy mode on your device so the thief does not know Avast is guarding your phone. Avast gives SIM card change alerts and locking, too, and the company gives similar services for Android, Mac, and PC. Avast is giving an all-in-one package for device security from viruses and thieves as a paid premium service.


This app uses GPS to know the location of your phone and favorable for you, it operates with a wide variety of feature phones. As long as your phone is GPS-enabled, AccuTracking will do their work. Most contemporary cell phones use GPS, so as long as your phone is not directed to the museum due to age, the service will serve fine. When the day arrives that you can’t find your phone, just log in to AccuTracking’s web interface from any internet-connected computer, and it will quickly show you its location. The service features four plans costing $13, $16, $21, and $26 per month which renew every 120, 60, 30, and 15 seconds, respectively. It is a pay-as-you-go deal with no free trial.

We hope this article will be helpful for you for tracking a phone. If you have any query do not forget to ask.


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