Hunter Schaffner Mirror Video: A Hoax That Went Viral 

hunter schaffner mirror video

The Hunter Schaffner Mirror Incident, also known as the Hunter Schaffner Mirror Video, gained significant attention in late 2022 as a purported gore video filmed by a student, Holden Goyette. 

The video depicted another student, Hunter Schaffner, allegedly dropping a school mirror in a bathroom stall, causing it to shatter and cut him into pieces. 

However, it was later revealed that the entire incident was a hoax. Let’s delve into the details of the viral spread and the subsequent realization that the video did not actually exist.

The Creation of the Hoax

In approximately April 2022, Hunter Schaffner and Holden Goyette decided to create a fake gore video. 

Goyette filmed Schaffner removing a mirror from their school’s bathroom and dropping it forcefully into a stall. 

The intention was to make it appear as if the mirror shattered, resulting in Schaffner being cut into tiny pieces. 

Goyette captured the entire incident on video, aiming to shock viewers with the graphic nature of the footage.

TikTok Slideshow & the spread of Hunter Schaffner Mirror Video

On December 19th, 2022, a TikToker known as @holdne shared a series of four images as a TikTok slideshow. 

The first three images depicted a kid assumed to be Hunter Schaffner holding the school bathroom mirror. 

The fourth image was heavily censored, showing the mirror on the floor, red pixels resembling blood, and a portion of Schaffner’s face with closed eyes. 

The description accompanying the slideshow claimed that the screenshots were taken from a gore video filmed in 2022, with gruesome details of the mirror shattering and cutting Schaffner into pieces. 

The Hunter Schaffner Mirror Video quickly gained traction and garnered over 36.8 million views within four months.

The Heartbreaking Narrative and Warning

Accompanying the viral spread of the hoax, a heartbreaking narrative emerged. 

According to the fabricated story, in April 2022, Hunter Schaffner and Holden Goyette decided to remove the mirror from their school’s bathroom. 

Goyette filmed as Schaffner placed the mirror in a bathroom stall. 

Tragically, Schaffner dropped the mirror too forcefully, causing it to shatter and send glass splinters throughout his body, resulting in his gruesome demise.

The narrative further stated that Goyette faced charges related to disturbing the property.

The warning accompanying the description of the video aimed to prepare viewers for the graphic nature of the footage.

The Disillusionment

As the Mirror Incident Video continued to gain attention, many viewers attempted to search for the video online. 

However, their efforts proved futile as they discovered that the video did not exist and was likely a hoax.

The disillusionment spread rapidly through social media platforms, with users expressing their disappointment and frustration at being misled. 

On December 20th, 2022, a Twitter user shared their experience of searching for the video, only to find out it was a joke. Similar sentiments were echoed across various online platforms.

Reddit Inquiries and TikTok References

The absence of the Hunter Schaffner Mirror Video prompted inquiries on Reddit and further discussions on TikTok. 

On January 17th, 2023, a Redditor posted to the subreddit /r/RBI, seeking information about the video. The post received over 150 upvotes, indicating the widespread curiosity surrounding the incident. 

Additionally, on February 22nd, 2023, a TikToker posted a video referring to the mirror incident, garnering a significant number of views.

These instances highlight the lingering interest and impact of the viral hoax.


The Hunter Schaffner Mirror Video, initially gaining viral attention and spreading across social media platforms, was ultimately revealed to be a hoax. 

The fabricated narrative of the video depicted a tragic incident involving the shattering of a school mirror and resulting in the supposed demise of Hunter Schaffner. 

The subsequent disillusionment of viewers and the acknowledgement that the video did not exist brought an end to the viral spread.

The Mirror Incident serves as a cautionary tale, emphasising the importance of verifying information before sharing it widely on social media.

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