Idaho Murder Autopsy Photos – Surviving Room Mates Paid Tributes

Idaho Murder Autopsy Photos (Idaho)

Idaho Murder Autopsy Photos were fortunately not released by the officials. 

The Latah County Coroner received the results of the autopsy that Spokane County performed on the four University of Idaho students. 

They determined that all four of the students were killed by stabbings. Idaho Murder Autopsy Photos, however, were not made public. 

The Moscow Police Department had received the evidence gathered during the autopsies, according to Spokane County. 

The four victims’ bodies were returned to their families once the autopsies were finished. 

In its third week, the investigation into the deaths of four University of Idaho students is entering a crucial phase as authorities are beginning to get forensic testing findings from the crime site, according to law enforcement professionals who spoke to CNN.

Memorial service took place

On November 13, the victims, identified as Ethan Chapin, 20, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Madison Mogen, 21, were stabbed on the second and third floors of their shared off-campus residence.

A pastor from an Idaho church read aloud letters from the surviving housemates at a memorial ceremony for four University of Idaho students, remembering their friends and expressing their anguish.

According to the Facebook event page for the service, it was planned because the families have requested that this be a time to bring closure to the community in Post Falls, Idaho.

Since the four students’ bodies were discovered in a shared residence more than three weeks ago, authorities have not yet named a suspect or located the murder weapon, which is thought to be a knife.

A preacher for Real Life Ministries read letters from the two surviving housemates during the live-streamed service.

Kernodle was described as the life of the party as well as strong, educated, hardworking, and a lovely person by one of the surviving roommates, Dylan Mortensen.

She claimed that Chapin treated Kernodle kindly and lovingly and treated her like an older brother.

In the letter, Mortensen referred to Mogen and Goncalves as the inseparable duo, who were like second moms to her and taught her a lot about responsibility and living a happy life.

The pastor read from Mortensen’s letter that knowing these four wonderful people has impacted her life.

‘My people made me happy and transformed my life in many ways. It will be difficult to live without the four of them, but I know that Xana, Ethan, Maddie, and Kaylee would want us to enjoy life, be content, and remember them.’

Goncalves’ other roommate, Bethany Funke, described him as one of the funniest, kind, giving, and determined individuals she had ever met.

She claimed that Kernodle was kind, fun, active, hilarious, and passionate and that Chapin had the brightest, most fun personality. 

She also claimed that their connection “made people believe in true love.”

According to Funke, Mogen was someone she always looked up to since he offered the greatest counsel and was always prepared to assist. She claimed that having Mogen as a friend improved her quality of life.

Numerous detectives from the municipal, state, and federal levels are looking for the murderer.

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