Idaho Murders Neighbour Video – The Latest Update On The Case

Idaho murders neighbor video

A man who lives close to the house where four University of Idaho students were killed last month has reportedly come forward and claimed to have heard a scream early on the morning of the attacks in the vicinity of the crime scene. 

A local chef named Inan Harsh told the Idaho Statesman that on November 13, he arrived home after working late at around 1:30 a.m. 

He informed the website that although the house at 1122 King Road in Moscow, Idaho was often busy, even then, “There was not much movement.” 

He claimed to have heard what appeared to be a scream coming from the vicinity of 1122 King Road hours later, as he was starting to nod off about 4 a.m., according to the Statesman.

Harsh allegedly did not give much thought to the scream and instead described it as a party sound instead of having a more negative connotation. 

Harsh said to the news, ‘I didn’t think anything of it. I’ve obviously had second thoughts since what happened, and it might not have been a party sound.’ 

According to reports, he had first kept the sound a secret from police, saying, ‘I’m not sure what good it does for them now.’

The report states that Harsh had previously called the police to report seeing a mysterious black SUV parked close to the front of the King Road house. 

It will be one month on Sunday since the horrifying triple killing went unsolved, and no murder weapon was found.

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