Integrating Technology and Entrepreneurship

Integrating Technology and Entrepreneurship: Applications and What They Offer

At the turn of the century, when the internet started to dominate the social fabric of the globe and humanity started inevitably depending on hand-held devices, the entrepreneurial culture also started to take a turn along with the societal trend.

As the complexity of hand-held devices increased, the dependence of humanity on these technological marvels seemed directly proportional to it. Smartphones, tablets and laptops were starting to compress the functions of various devices into one small screen with thousands of options to enhance, cheapen and accelerate communication. There seemed to be no stop to it. The consumer was consuming by pressing on a screen, with no visible cost, but his/her private information. The internet was a giant behemoth of utmost complexity, with a knowledge-base on every subject imaginable or otherwise, and it had successfully reduced the twelve thousand, seven hundred and forty-two kilometers of the earth’s radius to a few clicks on a five inches screen. There is an estimate of 2.1 billion smartphones on the globe right now. The average smartphone consumed 1.7 GBs of data in 2016, which was to increase to 8.9 GB in 2021.[1] At our current speed, an estimate of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data[2] is created every day.

But the question, that one may ask after all this is how do you make the average, mildly literate man chug down so much of this global affair without him being overwhelmed?

The answer to this is the Excalibur of modern times, the simple, elegant, but effective solution to channeling desired information to the desired faucet from a sea of knowledge. The Application, or for simplicity, app. A user-friendly, simple yet powerful tool.

The application was designed to make the vast power that a computer holds to perform a specific function or a task and the manufacturing of applications in itself is a massive software industry with an ever insatiable job market.

There are tens of thousands of businesses currently indulged in such enterprises, with local and international brands spanning across a market made extremely accessible by the medium in which it operates in, with leading names such as, Mobile Roadie, etc. These businesses have divided their specialties among the two leading Operating Systems that span handheld devices, the iOS and Android.

When Apps have been made, there comes the second, complex stage of App Marketing, which in itself is a huge industry with leading names such as Preapps, moburst, five, etc. These agencies, the sole purpose is to increase the viewership and downloads of your applications after they have been manufactured. The fabric of the Internet is saturated with thousands of applications and these marketing agencies help you get noticed by the average user by a complex system of SEOs, filters and other such techno-jargon.

The purpose of an app may be divided into two types where entrepreneurship is concerned, businesses solely dependant through apps or businesses enhanced by apps. Whether you have a supermarket which you think can be broadcasted over an ever rejuvenating customer-base or a business which can be solely supported over an app, the platform applications provide could be a powerful arsenal in itself.

Applications like Careem, Uber, Amazon and Alibaba have major operations based on applications which give them the advantage of a customer base which can never be hampered due to the physical location of their stores or any other such concerns, while banks and other such enterprises use these technological marvels to enhance their already established bases and provide customers with services that take advantage of the Internet.

Although such businesses, highly relevant in today’s world, extremely powerful tools for entrepreneurs, with little side-effects may be considered prosperous, they do contain an extreme disadvantage for the consumer. The consumer, having offered so much personal information to a system that never forgets, never leaves even a single click unnoticed, has been successfully turned into a product himself for private corporations looking to sell.

The true brilliance of the internet is not its vastness or global accessibility. It is a feat that is simple yet terrifying. It has successfully converted the average consumer into a product. With it never end lists of entertainments and accessibility, the internet has hooked millions of consumers to it, fishing them out to private organizations in frightening, near manipulative ways, aided by the information willingly and naively provided by individuals which is so thorough, so detailed and yet if used so, harmful.


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