Inventing Anna Cast And How Different Are They In Reality?

Inventing Anna Cast

Shonda Rhimes produced Inventing Anna Sorokin, an American drama streaming television miniseries based on the story of Anna Sorokin and Jessica Pressler’s article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People” in the New York Times. 

On February 11, 2022, Netflix released the series.

Many shows and films feature well-known con artists premiering on Netflix in the coming months. 

Inventing Anna, a Shondaland drama about Anna Delvey, who came dangerously close to defrauding New York banks and high society of millions of dollars, premieres first on Netflix. 

The drama stars Julia Garner as the titular scammer and Anna Chlumsky as the journalist who uncovers her narrative based on a viral article. 

Because Shonda Rhimes produced it, Inventing Anna features several favorite Grey’s Anatomy and Shondaland stars.

Let’s go through the Inventing Anna cast, a trending Netflix show.

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey; Main Character

According to her friends and admirers, Anna Delvey, née Sorokin, is a well-dressed German heiress with ambitions to build an ultra-exclusive social club. 

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey

The only issue is that she doesn’t have any money. Garner is most recognized for her role as Ruth in Netflix’s Ozark, for which she received two Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actress. 

She has also appeared in The Assistant’s independent film and the television shows Waco, The Americans, and Dirty John.

Anna Chlumsky as Vivian Kent; Writer 

Vivian Kent, a writer, is desperate to reclaim her career following a previous scandal. She’s also expecting a child, so she rushes to finish the Anna Delvey narrative before the baby arrives. 

Anna Chlumsky as Vivian Kent

Chlumsky played Selina Meyer’s chief of staff, Amy Brookheimer, in the HBO comedy Veep for seven seasons. She has also featured on Hannibal and Halt and Catch Fire is where she was featured.

Arian Moayed as Todd Spodek; Lawyer

Todd Spodek is Anna’s persistent and long-suffering attorney, prioritizing the case over his and his wife’s happiness. 

Arian Moayed as Todd Spodek

On HBO’s Succession, Moayed is best recognized for his role as scene-stealer Stewy Hosseini, Kendall Roy’s foe. 

He also starred in the hit film Spider-Man: No Way Home and the rom-com Love Life.

Alexis Floyd as Neff Davis; Close Friend

When the socialite checks at her hotel, Neff Davis meets Anna, and the concierge and the con artist become fast friends. 

Alexis Floyd as Neff Davis

Neff even stays at Anna’s side for the trial, an actual life-or-death situation. Floyd is a rising actress most recognized for her role as Tia Clayton in the Freeform show The Bold Type.

Katie Lowes as Rachel; Assistant Magazine Editor 

Rachel is a friend of Anna’s who works as an assistant magazine editor. 

Katie Lowes as Rachel

When she receives the bill for a luxury trip to Morocco, she gets on the wrong side of the con. 

For the entire length of Scandal, Lowes played Quinn Perkins; the mystery hire turned fugitive turned gladiator. 

She has also worked as a voice actress, voicing characters in Disney films such as Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, and Frozen.

Laverne Cox as Kacy Duke; Trainer

Kacy Duke is a celebrity personal trainer who gets friends with Anna after taking her on as a client. She also uncovers Anna’s deception and develops a stronger bond with Rachel.

Laverne Cox as Kacy Duke

Cox was nominated for four Emmys for Sophia Burset in Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black. The pioneering actress is an award-winning producer for Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word, an MTV documentary.

Saamer Usmani as Chase Sikorski; Anna’s Boyfriend

Anna’s boyfriend, Chase, is a computer entrepreneur who is both a victim and a perpetrator of scams. 

Saamer Usmani as Chase Sikorski

Usmani, who previously appeared in the series What/If and Katy Keene, is another Succession alum. He’ll next be seen in the dramatization of the science fiction novel; The Three-Body Problem.

Kate Burton as Nora; Philanthropist 

Nora, an Upper East Side philanthropist, becomes entangled in Anna’s con through Chase, who invests in his app. 

Kate Burton as Nora

She later introduces Anna to a number of her influential contacts. Burton played Meredith Grey’s mother, Dr. Ellis Grey, and Vice President Sally Langston in Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, respectively. 

She’ll also appear in Hulu’s Elizabeth Holmes biopic The Dropout, a con artist.

Marika Dominczyk as Talia Mally; Anna’s Friend 

Talia is another of Anna’s friends who falls victim to the con and is left humiliated after the con artist “borrows” her friend’s yacht. 

Marika Dominczyk as Talia Mally

On Grey’s Anatomy, Dominczyk portrayed hospital consultant Dr. Eliza Minnick; she has also been on Whiskey Cavalier, Brothers & Sisters, and North Shore.

Anna Deavere Smith as Maud; Co-Worker

Maud is one of Vivian’s Scriberia coworkers, a group of writers who are mainly ignored by the rest of the newsroom but become engrossed in the intriguing Anna Delvey narrative.

Anna Deavere Smith as Maud

Smith is a well-known actor and dramatist who starred alongside Regé-Jean Page in the Shondaland drama For the People as court clerk Tina Krissman. 

He is also renowned for her role as Bow’s mother in Black-ish.

Jeff Perry as Lou; Supporting Member

Jeff Perry, who has previously appeared on Shondaland, like Lou, another supporting member of Scriberia. 

Jeff Perry as Lou

On Grey’s Anatomy, he played Meredith’s estranged father, Thatcher, and in Scandal, he played the unscrupulous chief-of-staff, Cyrus Beene. 

Perry is so invested in Shondaland that he even appeared on Scandal Season 6 alongside his real-life daughter Zoe Perry, who played the mysterious villain Samantha.

Anders Holm as Jack Mercer; Vivian’s Husband 

Vivian’s loving husband, Jack, stands by her side as she gets obsessed with her story and plasters their nursery walls with story notes.

Anders Holm as Jack Mercer

Holm, who is new to Shondaland, is best known for his roles as Mindy Kaling’s boyfriend in The Mindy Project and as one of the notable characters in Comedy Central’s Workaholics.

Caitlin FitzGerald as Mags; Todd’s Wife

Todd’s wife, Mags, is likewise supportive, though she isn’t as tolerant of how Anna’s trial has taken over his life. 

Caitlin FitzGerald as Mags

Fans of The Succession may be amused by the sight of Roman’s girlfriend Tabitha cuddling up to Stewy.

Station Eleven, Sweetbitter, UnReal, and Masters of S*x are among the dramas in FitzGerald has appeared in.

Rebecca Henderson as ADA Catherine McCaw; Prosecutor

Rebecca Henderson plays the no-nonsense prosecutor in Anna’s case. 

Rebecca Henderson as ADA Catherine McCaw

The actress has lately appeared on HBO’s Russian Doll and Freeform’s Single Drunk Female, among other cult favorites. 

Her first credited part was in the computer game Grand Theft Auto IV, where she voiced characters.

Joshua Malina as Henrick Knight; Venture Capitalist 

Joshua Malina as Henrick Knight

Talia’s venture capitalist friend is played by Joshua Malina as Henrick Knight, who makes another amusing appearance on Scandal. Malina played David Rosen, the white hat who advanced through the program’s ranks from Assistant U.S. Attorney to Attorney General and alternated between being Olivia Pope’s ally and antagonist throughout.

Debra Mooney as the Judge

Another Shondaland favorite is the judge in Anna’s case. 

Debra Mooney as the Judge

Mooney, who has featured on Grey’s Anatomy on and off since 2008, plays Owen Hunt’s no-nonsense mother, Evelyn. 

She also portrayed Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton, a member of Fitz’s campaign who assisted in the cover-up of the Defiance scandal.

Ben Rappaport as Billy McFarlan; Mastermind

Ben Rappaport portrays Billy McFarland, the mastermind behind the Fyre Festival in the episode. 

Ben Rappaport as Billy McFarlan

The recognizable actor played Assistant US Attorney Seth Oliver on For the People, a far cry from his scammer role. 

He’s also been on Mr. Robot, Younger, and The Good Wife, among other shows.

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