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Invest Your Future With Palm Jumeirah`s Super-luxury Villas And Exciting Projects

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Invest Your Future With Palm Jumeirah`s Super-luxury Villas And Exciting Projects

If you are hoping to live the famous life of Dubai, with dinner on the beach, drinking cocktails, marina views or swimming with fish then the Palm Jumeirah area is the perfect place for you to lead an extravagant life steeped in luxury.

Palm Jumeirah is one of the world’s largest and most famous artificial islands.

It is known to be an attractive attraction around the world. Tucked away on the coast of the Arabian Sea, this area is home to luxury apartments, complexes, villas and quirky hotels.

The term “Palm Tree” is reflected in its design: a palm tree that can be seen from above! Live here and go to the most active place in the city! Here you will definitely meet rich and famous people.

This is where you’ll find the most interesting, elegant, and comfortable villas and other investment properties in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. A premium property here costs an average of USD 2,000,000.

People are attracted to the area because of the high ROI, stunning views and luxury lifestyle.

Luxury real estate in Dubai

Recently, a unique villa was sold here for AED 63 million, which architecture and decoration were recreated according to the author’s project.

This transaction was one of the largest in the entire second quarter of 2022. The specialists note that in the sector of luxury real estate in the area, buyers from Europe showed the greatest activity, which occupied a leading position over the past four months.

This villa is distinguished not only by its attractive modern architecture and author’s finishing touches, but also by its open layout. From the windows of the villa offers stunning views of the sea. Of course, one cannot fail to note the magnificent transition to the street, which gives a feeling of life on the coastal strip.

It is reported that since the beginning of 2022, real estate transactions worth more than AED 4.5 billion have been concluded in the area.

At the same time, the most expensive deal was the sale of a villa worth AED 280 million.

Today, among buyers and investors, houses made with a Mediterranean or modern style, located on spacious plots of land, are especially popular.

The most expensive villa for renting out in Dubai

On the Palm Jumeirah artificial island, the most expensive villa was rented out, which topped the list of the most expensive real estate.

According to experts, it was rented with payment for six months in advance. The rental cost was AED 4 million, which is equivalent to USD 1.09 million.

If rented for a year, the total cost of this villa will be AED 8 million, which is a new record. The previous record is AED 7.5 million for an annual rental, which is exactly what it cost to rent a villa in Emirates Hills.

This deal once again confirms the fact that luxury real estate in Dubai is at a new level of popularity. In particular, tenants and buyers prefer to pay attention to exclusive real estate created by individual order.

If you purchase real estate in Dubai and then rent it out – it will generate you stable and high income, as luxury property, especially I such areas as Palm Jumeirah, is always in demand.

Experts assure that this will provoke a surge in demand for luxury property – developers are trying to satisfy all the needs of wealthy people by offering new architectural and interior solutions.

New super-penthouse in Dubai

The new Palm Flower project, located on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, is one of the most anticipated luxury properties. Here, a luxury penthouse with a private pool goes on sale for USD 68 million.

However, this is not the only property that belongs to the luxury real estate segment. Experts report that an ultra-expensive penthouse worth AED 250 million will be sold on the same Palm Jumeirah island.

Today Palm Flower has become a special project in the portfolio of the developer Alpago Properties:

  • the area of ​​residences in this facility ranges from 836 to 1765 square meters, 
  • the cost varies from AED 95 to 250 million.

Experts assure that the Palm Flower will become a real architectural marvel that adorns Palm Jumeirah. The project provides the most first-class amenities, including private terraces with a private pool, a private mini-garden, a cinema and a gym. Panoramic glazing will give each resident the most breathtaking views of the Persian Gulf.

Development of developer Omniyat in Dubai

The completion of the Opus project by Omniyat is already nearing completion, but the developer does not plan to stop there. According to the developer’s representatives, the company will “seize the waters.” Such a statement clearly indicates the announcement of a new project, which will be located in the water areas.

It is worth noting that over the past few years, Omniyat has surpassed itself: the developer’s projects on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah have been able to break numerous records. In particular, this applies to a luxurious penthouse, which was sold for more than AED 100 million.

The company’s founding executive chairman Mehdi Amjad claims that the developer has long planned to implement something unusual and truly unique. However, at the same time, he did not say exactly where the new project will be located – directly at sea or on the coast.

Experts believe that this project will replenish the ultra-premium real estate segment and may be booked in the next few days after the announcement and presentation of the project. 

Real estate agency in Dubai

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The work style of the employees is a guarantee of customer safety. Ax Capital focuses on customer requirements and believe that this is the best way to succeed. Each client is guaranteed an individual approach.

The level of service does not rely on the size of the planned transaction: all clients receive the attentive approach and professionalism of the agency’s experts.