iOS Package Tracking Made Easy: The Must-Have App for Online Shoppers

We’ve all felt the frustration of waiting for a package on the estimated delivery date, and it not arriving when it should have. 

This is one of the reasons why package tracking tools have skyrocketed in popularity: by giving users precise information about the location of their package it’s easier to more accurately estimate when it will arrive. 

For example, if a package is coming from overseas, and it hasn’t left the origin country yet, the package is unlikely to arrive the next day (no matter how much you want the estimated arrival time to be true). 

Fortunately, there are many order-tracking apps to choose from on the market, and one package tracking service that stands out from the crowd is Ordertracker, available both as an online tool and as an iOS app. 

Ordertracker is an easy-to-use tool allowing any user to locate their packages by simply copying and pasting their tracking number. 

It places far above the others not just because of the wide compatibility with over one thousand postal services supported, but also due to the complete tracking information with all the steps and events presented in a timeline format and in clear, concise language. 

Ordertracker is a valuable tool as it removes the frustration of having to use different tracking tools for different postal services and spending time decoding the information displayed.

In addition to that, by using this package tracker, you also get a delivery forecast for the parcel. 

Apple has recently announced an order-tracking tool natively embedded in iOS 16. Due to the range of choices and the value in choosing a useful and seamless tool. 

Although Ordertracker is a brilliant solution for tracking any package accurately, Apple has launched a feature that solves many of the same problems, but only for Apple Pay users. 

It also displays the status of your packages straightforwardly and is also compatible with a wide range of services. 

However, the drawback of Apple’s built-in tool that makes it less appealing to us than Ordertracker is the lack of universal support. 

Apple’s tool only supports tracking packages purchased using Apple Pay and is therefore not useful to those purchasing items using other payment methods

Some of the Features of Ordertracker

1 – Multiple package tracking

With Ordertracker, you can track up to packages at once. If you are expecting several packages to be delivered, you can track them all in one session by simply pasting all the tracking numbers in the search box. 

The website will detect and find all the parcels and provide you with a full report on the status of your orders. 

2 – Automatic courier detection

Most of the time stores are providing the tracking numbers, but they do not always state the courier company that is in charge of the delivery. 

Most tracking services require users to select the courier along with the tracking ID in order to provide the tracking information. 

With Ordertracker, you just need to paste the tracking ID, and the system will automatically detect the carrier involved in the delivery. 

3 – Data for each and every delivery step 

Packages pass through the hands of multiple carriers, especially during international deliveries, but most services are providing information from one carrier, usually the last link of the delivery chain, the company that will be in charge of the final delivery. 

With Ordertracker, you can follow each and every step, from the sender to the recipient and every event in between, providing close-to-live tracking information regarding your packages.

4 – Prediction of the delivery date

With this information from above, Ordertracker is claiming that it can provide users with an accurate delivery date for each package it tracks. 

Even if the forecast might be vague sometimes, with delivery slots of +/- 2 days, the closer it gets toward the delivery point, the more accurate it becomes. 

This system is backed with Artificial Intelligence, which is monitoring the deliveries of packages that had the same path and the time it took them to be delivered, in order to provide the most precise information to the users expecting their packages.

Choosing the right package tracking tool can make your life significantly easier. The right tool should help you easily track the whereabouts of your package with real-time updates on its location, allowing you to plan accordingly and avoid any delays. 

With reliable and accurate information, you can have peace of mind knowing exactly where your package is, alleviating any anxiety or uncertainty about its whereabouts or when you can expect it to arrive. 

Although many tracking tools other than Ordertracker tick these boxes, few have an intuitive graphical representation of the timeline of the package’s journey, and some even have limitations for who can use them, like Apple’s new tool. 

Because of its wide range of supported services, superior data processing providing precise information, and intuitive user interface, we find that Ordetracker is the best package tracking app for iOS for those looking for accurate and user-friendly package tracking.