Is Bill Hemmer Married Or Still An Eligible Bachelor? 

Is Bill Hemmer Married Or Still An Eligible Bachelor? 

Bill Hemmer is a renowned American journalist. Even though his profession has no link to his marital status, the question ‘Is Bill Hemmer married’ keeps popping up in the media repeatedly. 

William G. Hemmer, more commonly known as Bill Hemmer, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on November 14, 1964. 

The 58-year-old journalist is the co-anchor of ‘America’s Newsroom’ on the Fox News Channel. 

Since Bill is very impressive in his own right, that’s why people who follow him closely are looking for hints and glances into his personal life and marital status?

Despite being in the media, Bill likes to keep his personal matters out of the limelight. 

The Fox News anchor has repeatedly been slammed with queries regarding his relationship status, and the question ‘Is Bill Hemmer married’ tops the list. 

According to various authentic sources, Bill is an eligible bachelor. He is not married, and neither is he dating anyone. 

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However, it should be noted that Bill has never made an official comment regarding this matter, and he has neither confirmed nor denied any speculations surrounding his marital status. 

Since there is no upgrade in Bill Hemmer’s relationship status, let’s take a look at his longest past relationship with model Dara Tomanovich. 

Exploring Bill Hemmer and Dara Tomanovich’s Relationship

Bill’s longest publicized relationship was with Canadian model Dara Tomanovich. The couple dated for eight years, from 2005 until their unfortunate breakup in 2013.

According to Dara’s official IMDb page, she was born in 1969 in Toronto, Canada. At 18 years old, she decided to pursue a career in acting and modeling. 

Some say she made this life-changing decision after meeting renowned German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in Paris.

For the next five years, she lived in Paris and worked as a model. Later, she moved to New York and started studying acting at The William Esper Studio in Manhattan. 

When Dara and Bill’s relationship began, she worked as a full-time model, and Bill worked for Fox News. 

Sources revealed that the former couple was very much in love and frequently went on dates at the top of the Empire State Building. 

After eight years of madly staying in love, Bill and Dara decided to part ways. The exact reason behind their separation is hidden to date. 

Following her split from Bill, the 53-year-old model sparked romance rumors with Britain’s Prince Andrew in 2014. The pair were spotted together in the Royal Box at the annual Royal Ascot event.

For those who don’t know, Dara’s romance rumors with Prince Andrew were not baseless. 

Her ties with the royal family began well before her rumored relationship. 

She supports many royal charities, including Prince Harry’s Sentebale Foundation.

Neither Prince Andrew nor Dara Tomanovich commented on their relationship rumors. Even after being spotted together, there was no official confirmation from either party’s side. 

Rumors heightened when Prince Andrew invited over a bunch of people to accompany him to a race meeting, and Dara was one of them. 

The alleged race meeting took place soon after Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah’s split was finalized and publicized. 

Prince Andrew and Dara’s relationship staying unconfirmed became a blessing in disguise for them since it did not work out. 

The alleged relationship rumor was put to an end when Prince Andrew started dating singer Kylie Minogue around 2017-2018. 

Bill Hemmer’s relationship with Dara was the longest out of all his past relationships. For the eight years they were together, the question ‘Is Bill Hemmer married’ repeatedly kept surfacing on the Internet. 

Now that we know Bill Hemmer is not married and completely single, let’s find out the answer to the question, ‘Is Bill Hemmer gay?’

Is Bill Hemmer Gay?

There was a time when Bill’s s*xual orientation sparked a controversy. A cold-hearted person photoshopped an image of Bill in a way that he appeared to be gay and made it viral on social media.

In no time, rumors of Bill Hemmer being gay started spreading all over the internet. People did not think twice before making such baseless accusations.

The journalist was obviously displeased with this breach of privacy and unnecessary probing.

He instantly set the record straight and denied rumors of himself being gay. 

It was at this time that he revealed his relationship with his former girlfriend, Dara Tomanovich. 

Is Bill Hemmer married to his coworker?

Controversy has followed Bill Hemmer wherever he goes. Rumors of him being in a relationship with his coworker Sandra Smith started making rounds after the two of them started working together as co-anchors. 

Viewers started noticing their on-screen chemistry and soon started hoping for them to get in a relationship. 

However, all of it was just wishful thinking on their fans’ part. The rumors came to an end when the news of Sandra’s marriage came to light. 

She also has two children and lives happily with her husband, John Connelly. 

To conclude, the answer to the question ‘Is Bill Hemmer married’ is no. The journalist is enjoying his life as a bachelor and is nowhere near being tied down.

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