Is Clint Harp Still Married? The Reality Behind His Marriage

is clint harp still married

The actor’s fame has ignited many questions, including whether Clint Harp is still married.

Clint Harp has been happily married to Kelly for years now. He is a well-known television personality, best known for his role in the popular HGTV series “Fixer Upper.”

Together with his wife Kelly, the couple started their own furniture business, Harp Design Co., which was the foundation for their appearance on the show. 

The show highlighted their creative abilities and skills in transforming spaces into stunning and functional homes. Clint’s work on the show gained a large following and made him a sought-after speaker and influencer. 

He appeared in magazines and made TV appearances; his fans couldn’t get enough of his craftsmanship and attention to detail.

In 2017, the couple got their show on the DIY Network called “Wood Work.” The show focuses on the couple’s work as they create custom furniture pieces and restore old and worn-out items. 

Both Kelly and Clint work on the show, showcasing their skills and the dynamic of their working relationship. The show has received positive reviews and solidified its position as a home design and furniture-making expert.

Clint and Kelly have been through many experiences together, but their love for each other and their passion for what they do has only increased. 

They appreciate their fans and the opportunities that have come their way due to their work on “Fixer Upper” and “Wood Work.” Their success has inspired others to pursue their passions and dreams, and the Harps have become role models for those who believe in hard work and following their hearts.

Clint and Kelly’s relationship

Clint and Kelly met as students at Baylor University in the late 90s and married soon after. They lived in Houston, Texas, before moving back to Waco and now have three children: Hudson, Holly, and Camille. 

Clint worked various jobs before starting Harp Design Co., including medical sales as a minister and missionary. 

Kelly now curates and sources items for the Harp Design Co. store, while Clint values her design advice more than anyone else. 

When the business started to grow, Kelly left her master’s degree program to work at Harp Design Co. She now merchandises the store with various home decor and artisan items to complement Clint’s handmade pieces.

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