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Is Dr. Doug Weiss Married? The Latest On His Relationship Status

Is Dr. Doug Weiss Married The Latest On His Relationship Status

Recently, Dr. Doug Weiss has made the news due to whispers of an upcoming engagement. An acclaimed counselor, author, and sex addiction expert, Doug has helped people from all walks of life overcome addiction and infidelity in relationships for many years. 

Yet rather than being celebrated for his valuable contributions to society, the focus of attention seemingly lies with his connection to Joni Lamb. 

For those who know Lisa Weiss, Doug’s former wife, her thoughts on the matter have been particularly interesting. 

Reports indicate that Larry and Kay Bankhead – Daystar Television Network’s founders – are actively encouraging this union; meanwhile those watching the news wonder if marriage might be in the cards for both parties involved. 

Of course it is hard to make any definite claims without further information from either side; nevertheless it seems as though a happy ending may be in store sometime soon!

Meet Lisa Weiss, Dr. Doug Weiss’s former wife

After over thirty years of marriage, Dr. Doug Weiss and his wife, Lisa Weiss, have gone their separate ways. 

It came as a shock to many as the couple made a formidable team in both their therapy careers and writing endeavors. 

Over the years, they wrote numerous books together, such as ‘The Marriage Book’ and ‘Intimacy and Anorexia’. 

The pieces they wrote always centered around how couples could better understand each other’s needs and strengthen their relationship ties – something that is clear to see through the strong connection they shared with each other. 

Not only were they married for many years but they also formed a beautiful family of four children as well as six grandchildren. Amidst divorce rumors last year, unfortunately, the couple decided to go their own ways without revealing why it happened. 

It remains unknown whether it was to do with irreconcilable differences or simply time for change.

The relationship between Joni Lamb and Dr. Doug Weiss- Is the couple engaged?

Joni Lamb and Dr. Doug Weiss have been long-time friends and colleagues, combining their shared passion for Christian counseling and ministry in some landmark projects, including “The Sexually Confident Wife” and “Joni Table Talk.” 

Although Joni calls him her “mentor, friend, and mentor,” Dr. Weiss is much more; he has inspired her work in Christian ministry and strengthened her relationship with God. Their work together has not gone unrecognized, leading to recognition within the greater Christian community. 

On March 10th of this year, the two hinted at an upcoming announcement on Joni’s show – they are reportedly engaged! 

Little else has been revealed publicly; we’re all just waiting with bated breath and eager anticipation to find out what these life-long collaborators have planned next.

After initially being met by surprise and excitement, followers of Christian television’s renowned producer and presenter, Joni, were left in awe after sighting the elegant ring which adorned her engagement finger. 

Posting a photo of the gorgeous piece of jewellery on her social media page, she expressed her enthusiasm to share special news with popular pastor Jimmy Evans on Table Talk – an interactive programme that sees guests summoned to discuss more intimate topics relating to their life experiences.

In such a candid manner, she expressed appreciation for this newfound blessing delivered by the Lord Himself, whilst emphasizing her gratitude for those whom had been part of this miraculous journey with her. 

Such a captivating tale can only be told fully during tonight’s episode.

Who is Dr. Doug Weiss?

Dr. Doug Weiss is an invaluable resource of insight and knowledge in the field of counseling and ministry. His extensive expertise, licensed therapy background, and career dedication to helping individuals and couples work through personal difficulties make him a highly esteemed figure in the community. 

Not only is Dr. Weiss knowledgeable in addressing issues such as infidelity and addiction, but his many accomplishments as an acclaimed author have further solidified his professional standing. There are few better than Dr. Doug Weiss to turn to for those seeking guidance and powerful insight into overcoming their challenges.

Who is Joni Lamb?

Joni Lamb is an exceptional source of encouragement, insight and support for many around the world. 

As a prolific author, speaker and Host of Daystar Television Network’s “Joni Table Talk” she has impacted an entire generation of believers. Her work with Christian ministries has given her an intimate knowledge of how to struggle through personal worries and doubts. 

She has a compassionate, caring attitude paired with unwavering faith, making it easy to draw strength from her words. With her help, many hearts have found peace within their stories, knowing they are not alone in their struggles.

Is Dr. Doug Weiss Married?

According to sources, Dr Dough is not married to Lisa. The couple parted ways a year ago. Dr.Dough is happily engaged to Joni Lamb.