Is Jenna Ortega Lesbian? What Is Jenna Ortegas S*xuality?

Is Jenna Ortega lesbian

Since the release of the Netflix series Wednesday, fans have raised questions on her sexuality, including Is Jenna Ortega Lesbian?

In Wednesday, Jenna Ortega is at her brilliant best as Wednesday Addams. Addams, an outsider who couldn’t fit in at her primary schools, is sent to Nevermore Academy in Jericho. 

She must master self-control, end a murder spree in the community, and solve a murder mystery that has persisted for 25 years.

Addams, a mysterious character, must also deal with her feelings for a persistent and endearing love interest who hides sinister motives behind a pleasant exterior. 

One girl has a lot on her plate, yet she manages to get through it.

Jenny Ortega portrays the eight-part series’ title character. She is furious when her parents enroll her at a boarding school for children with unique abilities and other outcasts.

When she learns that a serial killer is on the loose, her raging rage gives way to worry and interest, and Wednesday decides to investigate the case on her own.

Nobody ever questioned her sexuality prior to Wednesday’s release on Netflix. But lately, she has been exhibiting a number of behaviors that have us wondering if she is a lesbian.

Concerns regarding Ortega’s sexuality have been raised in response to her role in the series. 

Numerous pieces of information have suggested that the 20-year-old actress may not be straight. 

She hasn’t mentioned anything about her sexuality.

Jenna Ortega comments on the LGBTQ+ community

It’s uncertain whether Jenna Ortega is a Lesbian. Some of her followers, however, are now convinced that she belongs to the LGBTQ+ community as a result of her comments in a recent interview.

Jenna referred to her co-star Gwendoline Christie as her wife in an interview with TV Insider. ‘My lady,’ said Jenna. ‘I cherish you. I apologize if it comes across as disrespectful, but it is the name I give her. She’s my wife, after all. I’m sorry; my heart breaks whenever I look at you.’

Gwendoline, a Game of Thrones co-star, struggled to control her emotions. Although there is a strong affinity between the two, it seems improbable that they are dating. 

Since 2012, Gwendoline Christie has been dating Giles Deacon, a fashion designer.

While Jenna Ortega might not be gay, some Wednesday Addams fans are certain she is. They claim that Wednesday and Enid Sinclair, her roommate, have romantic affection for one another. 

They have interpreted the extended hugs and quizzical looks as signs of LGBT emotions. The two are traveling in the Wenclair ship.

According to rumors, Netflix doesn’t tolerate fan theories regarding roommates. It has been accused of deleting comments that make it seem like Addams is a lesbian. 

Interestingly, Netflix promoted the show by having a party where drag queens donned Wednesday Addams garb.

Based on the observations, some fans claim that she might be lesbian and the two might be dating secretly. However, none of them has addressed the rumors.

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