Is Michael Consuelos Gay? Or Is He Keeping His love Life Private?

Is Michael Consuelos gay?

Michael always keeps his love life private, and fans are curious whether Michael Consuelos is gay.

When Michael started his career as a star kid, He appeared multiple times on his Mom’s talk show.

In 2018, Michael appeared first time in the series as a Younger Hiram Lodge; No one realized that he is the son of two big names.

However, a few days later, fans learned that Michael Consulous is the eldest Son of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelo.

The lack of information about Michaels’s love life received much attention as some sources claimed he was gay.

Ripa won the LGBTQ community award, which fueled the speculation of her son being gay. 

Her speech also claimed that she was proud that her children were growing up in an accepting environment. 

However, she didn’t mention anything specifically about her son. None of the family members, including Michael, has ever addressed the rumor’s about his sexuality. 

But fans are still looking forward to knowing his sexuality and whether he is involved in any relationship.

The Truth Behind His Sexuality

Micheal is highly private about his love life, and he is never seen around with any girl.

As of 2020, there is no concrete evidence of Michael’s sexuality; however, some sources believe that he is gay. 

His fans assume that Michael is gay because he is single and has never been engaged or married.

The main point is that his famous Parent never confirmed anything about this rumor,

Many sources revealed that Michael gets feelings for men only, but he has kept his life private.

He’s not very outspoken when it comes to his personal matters.

His die-fans always wanted to know the answer about his scandal from his mouth, and they are pretty sure that this news is not true; many people think it’s only a rumor regarding the young star’. 

Michael Consuelo started his career as a kid when he appeared on the small screen.

As of 2022, he is 22 years old.

Michael Counsuelos is the son of Mark Consuelo and Kelly Ripa, and these two names are considered two big names in America. 

Michael’s Love-Life.

Michael is always seen around his parents or on their social media. He lives a life away from the media Spotlight. 

Hence, we assume Michael Consuelos isn’t publicly dating anyone. 

His mother, Kelly Ripa, talks about him quite often; She said: “He is focused on his career and I think he loves the freedom.” 

All we know about him is that he has moved out of his Parent’s house and currently resides in Brooklyn on his own. He is busy focusing on his education and career. 

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