Is Olivia Newton-John Husband Missing? Is Patrick Dermott Alive?

Olivia Newton-John Husband Missing

Olivia Newton-John’s ex boyfriend Patrick Dermott went missing in 2005 during a fishing trip off the coast of California. The Coast Guard conducted a search but was unable to find him.

Some believe that he drowned, while others think he may have faked his own death. Olivia has never spoken publicly about her former boyfriend’s disappearance.

Earlier this year, however, rumors began to circulate that Dermott may have faked his own death. These rumors were further fueled when a man claiming to be Dermott was spotted in Mexico. While the supposed sighting has not been confirmed, it has led to speculation about what may have motivated Dermott to fake his death. 

One possibility is that he was attempting to escape from media scrutiny. Given the intense public interest in Newton-John’s life, it is possible that Dermott found himself overwhelmed by the attention and decided to stage his own disappearance as a way to escape the spotlight. 

Another possibility is that Dermott wanted to avoid paying child support. Although the rumors remain unconfirmed, they have led to renewed interest in the Newton-John-Dermott relationship.

Personal Life

On September 18, 1956, McDermott was born in Seoul, South Korea. McDermott claimed that he thought he was the child of an American father and a Korean mother. When he was two years old, his mother gave him up for adoption, and then an American family adopted him. 

His adoption card indicated that his biological name was Kim Chong-nam. In 1992, McDermott wed the actress Yvette Nipar; they split up in 1994. 

Their son is named Chance McDermott. McDermott had filed for bankruptcy in 2000 and had received a court order to pay late child support to his ex-wife. He had been in an on-off relationship with Olivia Newton-John for around 9 years prior to his disappearance. When Olivia first met him, McDermott was at work.

Speculations On His Whereabouts

Olivia Newton-John’s ex boyfriend Patrick Dermott’s whereabouts have been unknown since his disappearance. Some believe that he may have gone to Mexico, while others speculate that he may have returned to his native Australia. 

Dermott was last seen on a fishing boat off the coast of California, and his car was found abandoned near the Mexican border. There have been several reported sightings of him in Mexico, but these have not been substantiated. The most likely explanation is that Dermott is no longer alive, but his body has never been found. Olivia Newton-John has said that she hopes her ex boyfriend is “somewhere happy.”

Is He Still Alive?

Private detectives in addition to worried family members and friends have been actively monitoring the issue.

Hollywood PI John J Nazarian was purportedly informed about McDermott sightings in Mexico after witnesses claimed they saw him with a German woman. He was recruited by the US entertainment news program Extra.

Another purported sighting of McDermott took place in South America, according to Philip Klein, another private eye employed by US program Dateline.

In fact, Klein wrote a book about his search for the cameraman called Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott, which was published in 2012.

Yvette Nipar, McDermott’s ex-wife, requested Amazon to stop marketing the book shortly after it was published because Klein was a “serial liar [who] is only wanting to be famous at the price of a sad tragedy in our life.”

Nipar is adamant that her ex-husband is deceased and requests that bookstores stop selling the book out of respect for her distraught relatives.

In a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, she stated, “In a nutshell, Mr Klein has promised us, the family, ‘evidence of life’ for years now, yet has never produced anything at all.”

“My son has been through enough emotional torment over this. He has yet to be able to move on due to Mr. Klein’s continual effort to keep him in the public eye.”

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