Is Russell Gage Married? Tampa Bay Fans Wonder About Falcon’s New Receiver

Is Russell Gage Married

Russell Gage has had an impressive journey in the world of football, starting from his high school days at Redemptorist High School to playing college football with LSU and now being drafted as a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. 

He displayed constant dedication to perfect his game, earning him a 3-year, $30 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

When news of this surfaced, many fans were left wondering if the talented athlete was married or not.  

While that inquiry hasn’t been answered definitively just yet, one thing’s for certain: Lucky staffers over in Tampa will soon get to experience great passes and receptions on the football field courtesy of Russell Gage himself!

Russell Gage’s injury during the NFC playoffs on Monday was a frightening moment for all involved. 

As Gage absorbed the hit on an incomplete pass late in the game, players from both teams quickly gathered around to support him. 

Thankfully, Bucs Coach Todd Bowles let us know that Gage had movement in his fingers – a sign of possible good news – and was later taken away on a stretcher before being evaluated in hospital. 

Despite the delay, play resumed and mercifully, the game completed without another incident. We all wish Russell Gage a speedy recovery.

On January 15, 2023, NFL history was made when Russell Gage made huge headlines after a hard-hitting injury in a Monday night Wild-Card playoff game against the Cowboys. 

Gage was attempting to catch a pass when he collided with Cowboys safety Donovan Wilson, resulting in a major blow to the back of his helmet and neck area. 

It shook the sidelines as medical teams immediately rushed to evaluate Gage for an extensive amount of time on the field before ultimately deciding to take him off of the field and transport him to the hospital for further assessment. 

Although no public updates were given other than that he had been taken off the field, many NFL fans and players are hoping Gage will have a speedy recovery with minimal impact on his career.

Who Is Russell Gage Wife?

There has been much speculation surrounding the relationship status of Russell Gage, but very little is actually known. 

The young football player has managed to keep his personal life out of the public eye. It doesn’t appear that he’s married, but at this time it is unclear if he has a significant other or not. 

Due to Gage’s genuine and creative character on the field, many fans have wondered what else lies beneath the surface when it comes to his life away from football. However, only time will tell as only Russell Gage knows his romantic fate.

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