Jaeden Martell Sexuality Revealed: Is Jaeden Martell Gay?

Jaeden Martell Sexuality Revealed

Jaeden Martell sexuality has remained the central subject for many fans. We all know Jaeden Martell from the horror Hollywood movie ‘it,” which was released in 2017. The film was produced under a lower budget. Still, it was able to gain a lot of recognition from the audience. 

In the supernatural horror movie, Martell was assigned the role of Billy Denbrough, whose brother gets murdered by a scary clown. His prominent acting made his presence felt in every scene of the movie.

Stephen King’s novel ‘it’ after releasing in 2017, released its sequel ‘IT Chapter two.’ The fans were expecting for the release, and after it came on air, Jaeden elevated his popularity from his acting.— 

He has starred in movies, and television talk shows from a young age. After the sequel of ‘It,’ he was seen in the film, The Book Of Henry, the 2019 murder mystery Knives Out and the miniseries Defending Jacob (2020).

Jaeden Martell’s Birth

Martell was born on January 4, 2003, to his father, Wes Lieberher, an LA-based chef, and Angela Teresa Martell. He lived in South Philadelphia until he turned eight and then moved to Los Angeles.

Jaeden Martell’s Career 

The First six years of Martell’s acting were a roller coaster. He was given the role in a commercial scene for Hot Wheels. He was also featured in different commercial moves after that. 

Gradually enhancing his acting skills, in 2014, he got his first significant role in the movie St Vincent. He played alongside Murray, and later, Murray, astonished with his acting, recommended his name for the movie Aloha. 

Is Jaeden Martell Gay?

After gaining popularity, the fans were charmed by his charming looks and became crushed on many girls. Although his age is 18, it can be uncomfortable to point out his love life. 

But, you might find what you are looking for. 

Martell was once rumored to be dating Maddie Zeigler, who, as of 2022, is 20 years old. However, the truth was revealed to the fans by Maddie as she shared a picture of her boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin. 

As there was no solid evidence for the existence of his girlfriend or ex, therefore rumors rose that Jaeden Martell might be Gay. 

However, Jaeden has not made public about his sexuality, nor did he make any statement regarding the rumors spread. Recent reports speculate that Martell might be in a relationship with Dylan Grazer, his co-star in the movie ‘IT.’ The stories gained attention as Dylan Grazer is reported to be bisexual.

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