Jake Flint Cause Of Death, The Singer Died Hours After Marriage

jake flint cause of death

Since the news of his sudden death surfaced on the internet, fans have been curious to know Jake Flint’s cause of death. 

Within hours of exchanging vows with his bride, Oklahoma-born Red Dirt country singer-songwriter Jake Flint passed away suddenly, according to various posts on social media.

As news of Flint’s tragic death at the age of 37 spread, the shock and loss were palpable in the Oklahoma music community on Monday. 

Clif Doyal, the Red Dirt singer-longtime songwriter’s publicist, revealed to The Oklahoman that he had passed away in his sleep the night after his wedding on Saturday.

The cause of death has not yet been formally determined. His memorial service and funeral are still pending.

Following his passing, many of Flint’s friends and the clubs and venues where he frequently performed posted memories on social media.

On Sunday, November 27, the late singer’s manager, Brenda Cline, paid a moving tribute to him on Facebook, calling him ‘the funniest, most entertaining, hardest working, a dedicated artist I have ever worked with in my career.’

She also disclosed that Flint’s death occurred only a few hours after his marriage, which, according to his Facebook profile, took place on Saturday, November 26.

‘Jake has a million friends, and I’m not sure how everyone will cope with this tragic loss. It’s all so surreal that we need prayers.’ Adds Cline. ‘Pray for his lovely wife Brenda, his cherished mother, his sister, and the rest of his family and friends.’

Brenda Wilson, Flint’s new bride, posted a video of the couple’s wedding day with the simple remark, ‘I don’t understand.’

Flint, born in Mounds, Oklahoma, in 1985, first learned to play the guitar when his father asked some musician friends to teach him the instrument after receiving an ALS diagnosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Jake Flint was a Red Dirt singer/songwriter who was raised in Holdenville and lived in Mounds.

Meanwhile, Flint has been considered a performer in Texas and Oklahoma. Flint was introduced to performing music and more after his 1985 birth in Mounds, Oklahoma, and he had several gigs scheduled for the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

As per sources, Flint was ready to perform at The Elks Lodge in Claremore on Friday, December 2nd,2022. but Unfortunately, his death was held before.

The singer’s website states that those beginnings motivated Flint to start going to bluegrass festivals, ultimately leading to him starting to play. 

In 2020, he released “What’s Your Name,” his most recent single. While this was happening, Flint had several gigs scheduled for the rest of 2022 and 2023. He has also become a staple performer throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and other states.

Oklahoman musicians honored him

Many Oklahoma musicians have posted tributes to Flint on Facebook in the last two days.

‘If there is a heaven and they let me in, I know it’ll be because you went to bat for me, Jake,’ wrote Blake Lankford, a member of the VIIDR – Seventh Day Rebellion songwriter collective that included Flint. 

‘Flint was referred to as a true legend that will never be forgotten by Travis Kidd, while Buffalo Rogers wrote, ‘ The world has a dimmer sparkle without you in it.’

‘He wasn’t simply a client; he was also a close friend and a really wonderful guy. He was adored by many, as evidenced by the outpouring on social media. I believe a large part of it was simply the fact that he loved people and had a fantastic sense of humour. Everyone enjoyed his humour, and he made them feel comfortable,’ according to Doyal.

‘He served as a representative for Oklahoma Red Dirt music. He had a distinctive voice and was a terrific writer, and I believe he would have wanted his music to be heard and his legacy to be honored in that way. And I believe it will.’

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