Viral Jamaican River Raft Video: Memes & Reactions 

jamaican river raft video

Jamaican River Raft Video Twitter of women getting lathered up on a raft in Jamaica have been sparking a lot of conversation on social media platforms. 

A specific video, in particular, has rapidly gained viral status. The accompanying caption reads, “This is what happened to his girlfriend on a raft in Jamaica.”

The video depicts a woman reclining on a raft, while a presumed operator of the rafting activity applies suncream on her. 

However, as the video unfolds, it becomes evident that the man crosses appropriate boundaries and invades personal space. 

During the man’s absence, the woman’s boyfriend reappears and assumes control of the situation.

The woman and the ‘raft expert’ argue that this is simply a part of the raft experience and comes with the package.

The video on Twitter sparked varied reactions from people, and some of them criticized the way this trend objectified women. 

Others said that if the women agreed to it and enjoyed it, there was no problem. 

Some users called out the boyfriend for being overly insecure and ruining his girlfriend’s fun on the trip.

Jamaica Raft Video plastic bag

While most of the videos have generated laughs, one went viral for the wrong reasons. 

The video in question was dubbed ‘The Jamaica Raft Plastic Bag Video’ or ‘The Martha Brae Special.’ 

It showed two people engaging in adult activities while on a raft. This video has been traumatizing viewers and sparking talks on the boundaries of s*xual content on social media.

River Rafting Limited, a well-known company that operates rafting on the Martha Brae, issued a statement disassociating itself from the viral video. 

The company stated that they pride themselves on providing excellent service and that their raft captains are highly professional and take immense pride in their work.

Jamaican river raft video Reddit

In addition to Twitter, the viral video has also been making rounds on Reddit. 

The platform has been a hub of mixed reactions and debates about the videos. Some appreciated the experience and found it fun, while others were concerned about objectification.

One user wrote, “I’m all for exploring new experiences while traveling, but it seems like these videos are all about objectification.” 

Meanwhile, others pointed out that the women could have said no to the men if they were uncomfortable with being lathered up.

Jamaican River Raft video YouTube

The viral videos have made their way onto YouTube, generating a variety of opinions in the comments section. 

Some viewers found the videos amusing and harmless, while others expressed concerns about objectification and the invasion of privacy for the tourists.

One video on YouTube showed a group of people on a raft, one being lathered up by a man. 

The video was captioned “Bask in the natural beauty of Jamaica’s lush rainforests, crystal clear waters and tropical sunsets. Indulge in the power of nature and rejuvenation as you experience the ultimate relaxation with a limestone massage in Jamaica!”

The video displayed the beauty of Jamaica, showcasing the scenery and the vibrant culture. 

However, some viewers noted that the trend of lathering up people with lotion on the raft could be seen as inappropriate.

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