Janie Liszewski: Interesting Facts About The Wife Of Eddie Van Halen

Janie Liszewski

Many headlines are being reported and posted all over social media recently about Janie Liszewski. But most of the people seemed confuse that why is she in the spotlight of the media and paparazzi nowadays.

Well we have summed up all the information that you need to know about Janie Liszewski. But, before we get into the details we first have to understand a point. Why did she popped all over the internet in the first place?

The world lost one of the most influential, famous, and surely the greatest guitarist Eddie Van Halen on 6th of October, 2020. He died at the age of 65 while battling for his life against cancer. Unfortunately, he lost his life and left the whole world in shock and sadness.

Janie Liszewski Interesting Facts About The Wife Of Eddie Van Halen

Why is Janie Liszewski famous?

Janie Liszewski was the wife of Eddie Van Halen and after his death, the news about the couple made headlines all over the internet and some of their untold stories were made public that left us all in grief with their love and support for each other.

Janie Liszewski was born and raised in Pennsylvania, United States in 1970. She made her name in the industry as a stunt women and pro wrestler. Her most famous work are in Dust Till Dawn and Bubble Boy.

How Janie Liszewski earns today?

Being a pro wrestler, actress and a stunt women, Janie Liszewski have a lot of experience and fame in the industry. She started her own organization as High Profile Media that is a Media House that allows candidates to explore their true nature, work on them and get started with their desired field of work.

As Janie has fame and experience, her company allow individuals to connect with the leading companies, director, and producers for their career to grow.

The wedding of Janie Liszewski

As we have established that they real hype of Janie Liszewski was due to her relationship with Eddie Van Helen. However, their wedding wasn’t hyped at all.

Eddie Van Helen married Valarie Bertinelli in 1981. Eddie had two sons with Bertinelli in 1991. However, they did not get along with each other and separated in 2001. In 2007 they got divorced and this was the time when Eddie became more serious towards Janie Liszewski.

Janie and Eddie found themselves connect with each other and the dating with Janie started to rise. In 2008, according to media source, Eddie proposed Janie to be his wife in a private room at Tiffany, Hawaii on their vacations.

They soon converted their affair into marriage and were married in 2009 with a private, small, and simple wedding ceremony.

The major upset of 2020 for J. Liszewski

During 2020, Janie were all over the internet but it wasn’t for any good reason. Firstly she lost her brother Tom Liszewski that she made public by posting an image with her brother on Instagram with the caption “Rest In Peace Tom June 17th, 2020 #mybrother”.

Soon after sometime in October of 2020, she lost the love her life Eddie Van Helen which made a big impact on Janie’s life but she decided to keep their relation and her grief private.

Janie’s Health Issue

Janie Liszewski came into headlines once again due to her own health. She faced mental and physical problems. In 2019, she reported on Instagram that her doctors are monitoring her thyroids for abnormal nodules as it can result as a factor of cancer. However, after sometime the doctors gave her the green signal as the nodules were tested to be non-cancerous.

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