Jasmine Guy’s Ex-Husband Terrence Duckett Is One Of A Kind

Terrence Duckett

Terrence Duckett lives in the United States. He came into the limelight after marrying a famous star, Jasmine Guy.

Being Duckett’s ex-wife, Jasmine had been supportive throughout her marriage relationship.

How did Terrence Duckett pursue his career? Why did the couple split up their relationship? What were the hardships he faced in his early childhood? Has Terrence been involved in any controversy? 

Terrence Duckett Early Life

Terrence Duckett was born in New York City. He was raised by his parents together.

Duckett belongs to an Afro-American background.

In one of the reports, it is mentioned that his mother was from a Portuguese-American background. He grew up in a learning environment as Guy’s mother was a school teacher at  Northside Performing Arts High School. 

His father, the Reverend William Vincent Guy, was pastor of Atlanta’s historic Friendship Baptist Church.

He graduated from the oldest and second-largest university in the US, Iowa University.

However, it is unknown in which program he had acquired his degree.

How Did Terrence Duckett Pursue His Career?

Terrace came into the limelight after getting marrying Jasmine Guy. Therefore,  there is not much data about his career.

However, Duckett was a consultant with Onpaceplus in Los Angeles.

Onpaceplus is a health care institution located in the U.S.A. He also worked as a former director at soda and Lime in a partnership.

On the other hand, his ex-wife, Jasmine Guy, pursued her career in the media industry.

In 1982, she started her television career with a non-speaking role as a dancer. 

She is widely known as one of the best actresses of the United States. Guy has done a remarkable performance in her role as Whitley Gilbert in the television sitcom A Different World.

She also worked in The Cosby Show, which was created by Bill Cosby.  The show was aired from 1987 to 1993 on NBC.

In addition to this, Guy also wrote three episodes of the show and directed one of the episodes.

After the show got aired, Jasmine was highly appreciated and recognized all over the country. Her top performance led her to the nomination for her best roles. She was nominated and won six consecutive NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Terrence Duckett – Personal Life

In 1998, Terrence married Jasmine Guy, a celebrity of the United States. 

The marriage did not carry out for long. In 2008, after ten years of marriage, they parted ways.

However, during the marriage, the couple was blessed with a daughter. 

Later they both mentioned that splitting the relationship was their unmet mentalities and differences.

After the divorce, they decided to raise their daughter mutually. Terrence always paid for his daughter’s expenses. 

Moreover, there is no information on the internet that before marrying Jasmine Guy, who was Terrence dating and what he did. 

How does Terrence Duckett Look Like?

Terrence is a handsome and humble person. He earned a good name due to his courteous behavior among his colleagues.  

Terrence has an average height and weight. His height is 5.9 inches, while his weight is 85kg.

Who Is Terrence Duckett’s Ex-Wife – Jasmine Guy? 

Jasmine Guy is a renowned American actress. In 1982, she debuted in seven episodes of the TV series Fame.

She worked in enormous movies that were highly paid and famed at the box office throughout her career.

Her top movies are Blossoms for Clara, October Baby, Mary What About Us?,  Scary Movie 5, Stone Gap, and many others, which raised her fame optimally. 

Besides acting, she has also pursued her career in singing, and for this, she earned high nominations and awards.

When Did Terrence Duckett Meet Jasmine Guy?

The former couple started dating in 1987 and met at the conference.

They dated for nine years. After knowing each other at a personal level decided to get married officially. Throughout their marriage relationship, the couple has been very supportive and cooperative.

Jasmine Guy supported her ex-husband in his high and low and always stood by him.

What Are Terrence Duckett’s Ex-Wife Controversies?

Before marrying Terrence Duckett, Guy had a close friendship with rapper Tupac Shakur. 

In 1993, she met Tupac Shakur during his guest appearance on A Different World’s sitcom. Accidently Tapuk was shot in 1994.

Guy had a solid relationship with him, and his death adversely affected Jasmine’s life. She has appeared in his music video “Temptations”.

Being a good friend to Shakur, she later wrote his mother’s biography, Afeni Shakur Evolution of a Revolutionary.

There were rumors that jasmine had an intimate relationship with Shakur, which she never revealed.

Terrence Duckett Net Worth 

It is estimated that Terrence Duckett has a net worth of USD 1.5 million.

On the other hand, his ex-wife, Jasmine Guy, has an estimated net worth of USD 4 million.

Presently, the couple is living a happy and cherished life and pursuing their careers in their fields. Terrence affords his daughter’s expenses and other expenditures regardless of their separation. 

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