Jayniah Watkins Crime Scene Photos: What We Know

Jayniah Watkins Crime Scene Photos What We Know

The murder of 3-month-old baby Jayniah Watkins at the hands of her mother, Deasia Watkins, in 2015 was a devastating and tragic event that rocked the nation.

Since then, numerous discussions and debates have taken place about the circumstances surrounding the murder.

One of the most controversial topics is the release of crime scene photos and their circulation on social media.

Background context

On March 16, 2015, police responded to a 911 call and discovered the beheaded infant on the kitchen counter of an aunt who was temporarily caring for the baby girl.

Authorities reported that the child had been stabbed multiple times with a huge chef’s knife. Deasia had a broken arm and had placed the knife in the infant’s hand to make people think that the child had done it.

Deasia Watkins was a mentally ill woman who was on medication for postpartum psychosis. According to a family member, Watkins had been acting erratically and talking to demons.

Two months before the murder, Deasia was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis and hospitalized for three days.

The trial resulted in 15 years of life imprisonment for Deasia Watkins. She eventually pled guilty but had previously pleaded not guilty by madness to aggravated murder. The ill mother was ordered to receive mental treatment and was eventually determined competent to stand trial.

Deasia Watkins baby Jayniah Watkins death pictures gone viral on Reddit

After the murder, several people on social media shared the crime scene photos of baby Jayniah.

Unfortunately, the images went viral on sites such as Reddit. These pictures caused a huge outcry, with many people condemning the sharing of such graphic images.

Despite the horrific nature of the images, many people still searched for them and discussed their content online. However, this is not surprising, as the sharing of graphic images and videos has become increasingly common on social media platforms.

Why sharing Jayniah Watkins’ crime scene photos is wrong

The circulation of crime scene photos is understandably hurtful and traumatizing for the family members of the victim. These images can also have a lasting impact on younger individuals who may come across them on social media.

While the circulation of such images might be done under the pretense of raising awareness, it is vital to remember that it is merely an invasion of privacy for both the victim and their family.

Posting such images can also trigger PTSD symptoms, depression, and anxiety for individuals that come across them.

Moreover, it is not only the family of the victim that is affected by such images. The first responders and law enforcement officials who were at the scene of the crime are also victims of this invasive practice.

Therefore, spreading and sharing crime scene photos should be avoided at all times. It is unnecessary to bring extra pain and trauma to the family members who have already suffered unimaginable loss.

Raising Awareness

Posting or sharing graphic crime scene photos is not only insensitive but also illegal. It is crucial to respect the privacy of the victim and their family.

The tragic murder of Jayniah Watkins should be a reminder that we must act with empathy and make our voices heard in a responsible way.

We should unite to raise awareness and continue the conversation of identifying and treating mental illnesses to protect mothers and their young ones.

By doing this, we can honor the memory of Jayniah Watkins and ensure that no other innocent child becomes a victim of this crime.