What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment In Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer's Apartment In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

After watching Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, many have started to wonder what happened to Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment and whether the building still stands.

A Netflix limited series called Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which dramatizes the lives of his victims, is reviving interest in the site.

In 1991, when police found 11 remains in Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment, they were able to put an end to his internationally publicized murdering spree.

Hydrochloric acid photos  found inside Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment
Hydrochloric acid photos found inside Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment

The place where Dahmer’s apartment building was, and finally where he was captured, is a key setting in the series.

Viewers are now interested in what transpired in that location more than 30 years after those heinous murders, which sparked their curiosity.

According to Newsweek, the 49-unit building was destroyed at the request of the victims’ families some 15 months after he was imprisoned.

At the time, Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment was referred to by The New York Times as a killing factory.

Where Was Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment Located?

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dahmer resided in apartment #213 at 924 North 25th Street.

Dahmer lived at the Oxford Apartments complex for 14 months. The murderer moved in in May 1990, and on July 22, 1991, he was arrested by the police. 

Inside Look of Jeffrey Dahmer Apartment

There were 49 one-bedroom flats in the building. A number of neighbors, including Glenda Cleveland, complained about his behavior and the odor coming from his flat. 

Inside Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment

The beige couch, an antique fish tank, carpet on the floor, a little analog television, and a barrel of acid were found inside Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment. 

FBI pictures described the setup and belongings of the serial killer’s home in detail. 

In addition to blood stains, seven skulls, two hearts, two skeletons, a pair of severed hands, numerous dismembered torsos, and various human organs, the authorities discovered 11 bodies in Dahmer’s flat after his arrest in 1991. 

In addition to the unpleasant blood stains in Jeffrey’s room, they also discovered acid, firearms, and Polaroid pictures. 

After seventeen unfortunate victims, Dahmer’s apartment’s foul odor began to spread outside and contaminate the air inside his apartment building.

Image inside Jeffrey Dahmer Apartment
Image inside Jeffrey Dahmer Apartment

The New York Times claims that Dahmer’s apartment was filled with tools, leading the police to mistake it for a “killing factory.”

In addition to ether and chloroform, which were probably used to sedate his victims, police found a barrel of hydrochloric acid, which he used to dissolve the men’s bodies and preserve their skeletons. 

According to the police, three torsos were disintegrating inside the 57-gallon barrel.

What Happened To The Residents Of Dahmer’s Building? Who Resides In Dahmer’s Apartment?

The Campus Circle Project, a “collaborative community redevelopment program,” paid $325,000 for the property in 1995 with assistance from Marquette University, but nothing happened.

According to The Tab, they did assist all of the building’s inhabitants in finding new residences. The area came close to becoming a playground for a while.

Does The Building Of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment Still Exist?

Dahmer’s apartment building was torn down and completely demolished on November 1992, 15 months after Dahmer’s arrest, at the request of the victim’s families.

FBI photos from the time of his arrest even showed an unsettling scene similar to the Monster set.

Building Of Jeffrey Dahmer's Apartment
Building Of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment

The site is currently just a vast empty lot. You may go there at your leisure.

There were rumors about building new residences, a playground, and a memorial garden. But things didn’t turn out the way we had hoped.

The space where Dahmer’s flat formerly stood is still empty. As you would imagine, nobody might be interested in dealing with the property which had.

According to Marquette Wire, developer Ogden Homes was not allowed to erect any additional structures on the land after purchasing it from the city for only $500 in 2012.

It was obviously difficult to find a tenant for an apartment complex where one of the most famous serial murderers of all time murdered 11 people. 

Several YouTube videos depict Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment building’s current appearance.

But immediately next to the parking lot is a huge apartment building, which might perhaps help you reach the destination of Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment.

Google Maps Street View reveals that it’s simply grass at this point.