Jeffrey Dahmer Confession Tapes: Sneak Peek of Netflix New Documentary

Jeffrey Dahmer Confession Tapes

Netflix is launching a new documentary in the first week of October 2022, Where viewers can watch real Jeffrey Dahmer confession tapes. 

In the last two weeks, the show has been watched for 496 million hours. Divide that by the 8.8 hours of runtime and we get a household interest estimate of 56 million for Peters’ cannibal killer portrayal.

Everyone is eager to learn more about the chilling story of Jeffrey Dahmer after viewing the serial killer portrayed by Evan Peters in the Netflix drama series, Conversations with a Killer. 

The true crime documentary version of the case is also being released. 

This time, Conversations with a Killer takes a look at the disturbing history of Jeffrey Dahmer. 

You can learn more about the case in the new three-part series that will be released on Netflix in the coming days. Here’s what you need to know. 

The tapes provide insight into the mind of Dahmer, as well as the legal proceedings against him.

Why was serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer able to avoid police detection as he hunted Milwaukee’s gay scene for victims, many of whom were people of color? 

That is the question the new series attempts to answer.

Joe Berlinger (CWAK: The Ted Bundy Tapes, CWAK: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes) directs the true crime documentary, which features never-before-heard audio conversations between Dahmer and his legal team, exploring his macabre mind. 

Dahmer’s defense team, including lawyer Wendy Patrickus are featured in this production, which examines police accountability in the modern era through a prism of open questions.

The Dahmer Tapes will be released on Netflix on October 7th. For more updates about this new documentary and reviews. Stay connected with

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