Jeffrey Dahmer Victims List: How Many People Did He Kill?

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims List

In a new series that Netflix has recently released, dubbed Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Netflix has focused and shed some light on one of the most notorious serial killers in history.

As the tale of the alleged Milwaukee Monster develops, the 10-episode series focuses on the victims and the role of the police.

In the course of a murdering spree that claimed the lives of 17 people in the US between 1978 and 1991, he managed to avoid detection on numerous occasions.

In the Netflix series, Evan Peters portrays the notorious killer Jeffrey Dahmer

After 13 years of terror, during which Dahmer sexually assaulted, killed, and mutilated 17 defenseless men and boys, mostly men of color, the “Milwaukee Cannibal” was arrested in 1991. 

How Many People Did Dahmer Murder?

When Jeffrey Dahmer, America’s most renowned serial murderer, was apprehended in 1991, the “Milwaukee Cannibal” agreed to a plea deal following a conventional trial to accusations of rape, cannibalism, murder, and dismemberment. He was spared the death penalty despite committing horrifying acts since Wisconsin outlawed the practice in 1853.

The story of Jeffrey Dahmer makes us shudder, but the cruel truth is that five of his seventeen victims would have been spared if the police hadn’t ignored multiple calls made by Glenda Cleveland, a neighbor who was crucial to the case’s outcome.

Investigators discovered seven painted and bleached human skulls, two human hearts, pieces of arm muscles, an entire torso, and various more human organs before he was apprehended. He methodically preserved these human remains using his expertise as a medical professional. 

Here is a description of his horrifying crimes and a complete list of all of his victims:

Steven Hicks, 19: Jeffrey’s first victim was a 19-year-old named Steven Hicks. He was persuaded to Jeffrey’s home in 1978 on the pretense of drinking, and after strangling him to death, Jeffrey masturbated in front of his corpse before dismembering it.

Steven Taomi, 25: Jeffrey murdered Steven Taomi in 1987, initially claiming that his intention was merely to lie next to him and look around his body.

James Doxtator, 14: Three months after killing Steven in 1987, Jeffrey committed his third murder. He was a male prostitute who was enticed to his home at 14 for $50. Two weeks later, Jeffrey crushed his head after boiling, bleaching, and pulverizing it.

Richard Guerrero, 22: In 1988, Jeffrey killed Richard Guerrero. They first connected outside a homosexual pub, and he kept his skull, and a few months later, he crushed it.

Anthony Sears, 24: In 1989, Jeffrey killed Anthony Sears. Jeffrey regarded the mixed-race model Anthony as incredibly appealing, and acetone was used to preserve Anthony’s skull and genitalia.

Raymond Lamont Smith, 32: For $50, he enticed Raymond, a male prostitute. In 1990, Jeffrey killed him.

Edward Smith, 27: In 1990, the same year Raymond was murdered, Edward Smith, 27, was killed by Dahmer. He confessed to the crime, telling the police that he felt “rotten” since he couldn’t keep Edward’s body alive. Smith’s skull was destroyed in the process.

Ernest Miller, 22: In September 1990, Jeffrey killed Ernest. Later, after dismembering his body, he spoke repeatedly to his severed head.

David C. Thomas, 22: In the same month as Ernest, David was killed by Jeffrey when he was 22. He severed his body in pieces, keeping none of it.

Curtis Straughter, 17: 17-year-old Curtis Straughter was slain in February 1991. The only parts of Jeffrey’s body he kept were his hands, genitalia, and head. He even took pictures of the procedure at each point.

Errol Lindsay, 19: In April 1991, Jeffrey killed Errol Lindsay. After killing him, he drilled a hole in his head and filled it with hydrochloric acid.

Tony Hughes, 31: Tony Hughes, 31 years old Jeffrey murdered Hughes in May 1991. Jeffrey used handwritten notes to communicate with him because he was deaf. He captured images of Hughes being cut apart.

Konerak Sinthasomphone & Anthony Hughes, 14: Anthony Hughes and Konerak, both 14 years old, were killed by Jeffrey in the same month. When Jeffrey’s niece and daughter spotted a 14-year-old boy running down the street with blood on him in May 1991, Glenda Cleveland, Jeffrey’s next-door neighbor, called the police multiple times. However, the police didn’t arrive until much later, and nothing was done.

Matt Turner, 20: In June 1991, Jeffrey killed Matt. Turner and Jeffrey murdered Turner in a bathtub. He put his torso in a 57-gallon drum and his head and internal organs in a freezer.

Oliver Lacy, 24: In July 1991, Jeffrey killed Oliver, strangled him, and then had sex with Lacy’s dead body. He disassembled him, keeping the skeleton, heart, and head intact.

Jeremiah Weinberger, 23: Lacy and Jeremiah were both murdered by Jeffrey in July 1991. He put him in a coma by injecting hot water into his skull. Then he engaged in many torso-related sexual actions. Jeremiah passed away three days later.

Joseph Bradehoft, 25: On July 19, 1991, Dahmer lost his job and enticed Joseph Bradehoft, then 25 years old, to his flat. He was left for two days wrapped in sheets after being strangled, and he then severed his head from his body and put it in a refrigerator.

Police captured more than 60 hours of audio during Jeffrey’s sanity trial, in which he explained how he consumed his victims. He was overheard saying: “I once used a meat tenderizer and ate the muscle since it was huge and I wanted to test it. Jeffrey added that it tasted like beef.”

How Was Jeffrey Dahmer Killed? What Was His End In Prison Like?

On July 22, 1991, Dahmer was ultimately apprehended. In 15 of the 17 murders he admitted to committing, he pleaded guilty but was insane. He received 15 consecutive life sentences in prison in February 1992 after the jury determined that he was sane at the time of each crime.

At 34, Dahmer was killed two years later by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver, who also fatally beat prisoner Jesse Anderson, the third man on their work detail. 

Scarver’s motivation for killing the two prisoners is unclear, although he insisted that God had instructed him to kill Dahmer and the other prisoner during his later criminal prosecution. Scarver, who was already serving a life sentence for murder, was given additional life sentences and moved to a federal facility.

Some Say Dahmer Had A Death Wish For The Crimes He Committed

However, some have even come up to the conclusion that Dahmer wanted to die. 

Dahmer had stated at his 1992 sentencing, “I never aspired to be free. In all honesty, I wished for my own demise.” “I think I should have been put to death by the state for what I did,” he said to his pastor. 

(Since Wisconsin doesn’t allow the death penalty, the death penalty was never an option.) Additionally, some people who knew Dahmer questioned whether he had purposefully courted death while incarcerated because of his propensity to blend in with the average prison population. 

“Dahmer had a death wish, and I know that he didn’t have the gumption to do it himself, so I prophesied that the day would come when he would be killed in prison,” his attorney Gerald Boyle stated following the fatal assault.