Jeremiah Weinberger – One Of The Victim Of Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeremiah Weinberger

Jeremiah Weinberger was the victim of the ruthless serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and boys between 1978 to 1991.

Weinberger’s death occurred long ago, but people want to know more about the murder victim of Jaffrey Dahmer, Jeremiah Weinberger.

After the Netflix series, Monster, the audience didn’t get much involved with the episodes. This was since most of the story revolves around the murder of the 17 victims, including men and boys. 

The series didn’t show the psychological aspect of Jeffrey Dahmer. Whoever came close to Jeffrey was bribed with a heavy amount.

Then, those victims were invited to Dahmer’s apartments and drugged to death. However, the series brought some attention to Jeremiah Weinberger and some other victims. 

Still, the show didn’t reach the expected popularity and instead faced a lot of criticism from the viewers and the family members of the murdered victims.

Who Was Jeremiah Weinberger?

Jeremiah Weinberger was famously known for being the victim of Jeffrey Dahmer. He was born on September 29, 1967, and was 23 years old when he was murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Although, being a native Puerto, he lived in Chicago in the 1990s. According to USA Today, he was working as a customer representative in a video store.

His classmate, Tim Gideon, recalled the memories of Weinberger saying, “he loved art and was very meticulous.” 

He added, “his desk was always straight, and he knew where everything was kept. He usually dressed nice and always worried about his appearance, what he wore and how he looked.”

According to The U.S Sun, Jeremiah was last seen on July 6, 1991. 

What Happened to Jeremiah Weinberger? How Jeffrey Dahmer Killed Him?

While Jeremiah was working in a video shop, he met Jeffrey Dahmer. He didn’t have any clue that Jeffrey was a serial killer, and a few days ago, he had killed a 20-year-old boy named Mathew Turner. 

The two decided to take a greyhound bus to Milwaukee and spend the weekend together. Despite being with Jeffrey, Jeremiah was unaware that this was the last day till he opened his eyes. 

Later the night, jeffrey had drugged Weinberger, and then he injected boiling water into his skull.

This caused severe damage to the brain, and he went into a coma. After two days of coma, the problems got worse, and he died. 

Jeremiah Weinberger fell on the list of those people who used to charge places to places for better earning opportunities. This was the primary bribe jeffrey would often make to his victims. 

He used to find the people looking for more money and then take them to his apartment, promising that he would give them a huge amount. The 17 victims, including Jeremiah, fell into his traps and got murdered. 

Feedback Of The New Netflix Series From The Victims Family Member

According to an insider, it was reported that Rita Isbell, sister of victim Errol Lindsey, was never approached before making the show. 

Eric Perry, one of the victim’s family members, tweeted, “I’m not telling anyone what to watch. I know true crime media is huge, but if you’re curious about the victims, my family is pissed about this show.

Perry also said, “It’s retraumatizing over and over again, and for what? How many movies, documentaries do we need?

Many similar tweets were posted by other victims’ family members stating that they didn’t expect to see their murdered loved ones portrayed in the series. It brought old bruises back to their lives. 

Using the information from the Netflix series and different sources, we have the perfect information about who Jeremiah Weinberger was and how he was murdered. 

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