Jeremy Calvert’s Stormy Relationship with Leah Messer

Jeremy Calvert's Stormy Relationship with Leah Messer

Former husband of the Teen Mom star Leah Messer, Jeremy Calvert, has had his share of controversies and spotlight when it comes to his marriage. This article delves deeper into all the stories and what really happened. 

Jeremy Lynn Calvert, known as simply Jeremy Calvert, has had his share of media coverage and attention with his marriage to Teen Mom Leah Messer. He is the father of his daughter, Adalynn Calvert, and also the former step-father of twin children Aleeah Simms and Aliannah Simms. 

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The couple divorced back in 2015 due to their differences regarding work-life balance. Leah Messer felt Jeremy was not giving adequate time to his family. Jeremy used to be away from the majority of the time due to the nature of his work as a pipeline engineer.  

Teen Mom 2 

Attention to their marriage came from Teen Mom 2. 

Teen Mom 2 followed four teen mothers and their lives during their early years of motherhood. Leah Messer was together with Corey, her previous husband, then Jeremy Calvert, and they had their ups and downs in their marriage.  

Issues such as frequent separation and seeing ex-boyfriends came to light. But soon, Leah and Corey got engaged in the year 2010 and then married in the month of October to start their new life. It was not to last as Leah admitted to infidelity, and the couple divorced again in June of 2011. 

Both Leah and Corey were shown to be on different pages when it came to raising their kids and settling on custody and visitation rights as a result of their divorce. It was not soon after that Leah began seeing and dating Jeremy Calvert. 

Enter Jeremy Calvert 

Leah began her relationship with Jeremy Calvert in August of 2011. But soon, she was confused and seemed to be pondering as to who she really wanted. Jeremy later proposed to Leah, and she accepted, which finally put the matters to rest, or so it would seem. 

Both announced they were expecting their first child by the end of that year, during the Christmas holidays. But their happiness soon came to a halt when Leah miscarried the next month. Looking to put this matter behind them, Jeremy Calvert married Leah Messer on 4th April 2012.  

They had their daughter Adalynn Faith on 4th February 2013, which was the first sign of hope of happily ever after for the couple. The child was born a little over a month early, and Leah had to take medication for anxiety issues. She defines her condition and herself as being uncomfortable throughout.  

Issues again over their marriage 

As Jeremy was a pipeline engineer for the US, his work nature required him to move all around the country for months or undisclosed periods. This began to be a problem when it came to his family life. He and Leah started to have arguments and disagreements over Jeremy working away for such long periods and her anxiety and other behavioral health issues. 

Since Leah had to look after three children alone, she felt stressed and anxious being a single parent. These frequent anxiety and stress situations forced the courts to order her to take drug tests to prove her condition and to also prove whether she was an addict or not. 

Their divorce 

As mentioned earlier, due to Jeremy being away for months at a time due to the nature of his job and Leah being a single parent behind him looking after her previous two children and her one current newborn baby, it had a mental toll on her. This toll soon resulted in diagnosed anxiety and stress. 

The spill soon came over their marriage, and the couple started having arguments regarding the work-life balance Jeremy was giving to his family and child and how much he should give. After Leah’s deteriorating condition and the court’s action in between, the couple decided to get divorced. 

Overwhelmed by her big decisions and custody battles along with current family feuds, the couple decided to part ways when Jeremy himself filed for divorce papers.  

Revelations on Hope, Grace & Faith 

Leah went on to write her memoir titled Hope, Grace & Faith. The shocking and startling confession she made in her memoir shook her viewers and followers.  

She claimed that she wasn’t over her previous husband when Jeremy started dating her. It wasn’t soon after she found out she was pregnant with his child when her previous husband was deciding to give their marriage another chance. 

Leah wrote in her book, “I was devastated. Having a baby with Jeremy would be the end of any chance Corey and I had of making things work for our family. I was sad for myself, but mostly I was sad for our girls.” 

The Teen Mom 2 star then confessed that she decided to terminate her pregnancy due to her being confused. This decision to terminate the pregnancy came as a result of her not tarnishing her image in front of the public. 

Aborting in the form of miscarriage 

With the full support of her mother, they planned to show it as a miscarriage to Jeremy and not to let him know that she was willingly aborting their child. Leah took pills and started having the indications of a miscarriage. 

The MTV star has shown remorse but decided to carry this step out with full intent and awareness. She has admitted she ruined her life due to her earlier decisions, such as this. 

Jeremy Calvert’s reaction to the revelation 

Jeremy Calvert was interviewed exclusively by The Sun. In the interview, he opened up about him learning the truth and that her wife at the time didn’t really have an abortion but decided to go ahead with miscarriage. 

“I heard things about the abortion after the cheating scandal and before we got divorced. In my heart, I never wanted to question a woman on that. Eventually, she did tell me the truth, and it was upsetting to hear.” 

Moving on with his life 

Jeremy Calvert further went on to reveal that he wants to forget his past and move on ahead with his life. With no need on the horizon to bring up the times in the past, he is happy with co-parenting. 

“We’re co-parenting now. No need to bring up hurtful times in the past.” Despite all that happened in the past, Jeremy revealed about his ex-wife: “She’s grown up so much now and I’m proud of the woman she’s become.” 

The now-separated couple has been divorced since 2015 but is co-parenting their daughter.  

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