Jeremy Pena Girlfriend, Vasiliqi Turlla, Is His Number One Fan?

Jeremy Pena Girlfriend

Jeremy Pena’s girlfriend is Vasiliqi Turlla; they are both athletes. 

Vasiliqi Turlla spent most of her academic career participating in sports. She competed on the track and field team at Bangor High School before she graduated in 2016. 

She also participated in several sports activities, such as the high jump and javelin.

Turlla competed in the high jump while serving as the track captain for the University of Maine. 

She had broken personal and seasonal records by the time she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in neuroscience in 2020. 

Vasiliqi Turlla is a Dominican professional baseball shortstop who plays for the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball.

Vasiliqi Turlla and Jeremy Pena are currently together and living a happy life.

The Houston Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies, 3-2, in Game 5 of the World Series on Thursday night, and veteran ace Justin Verlander battled through five innings of work. 

This game took place on November 3rd November 2022. 

Jeremy Pena, the American League Championship Series MVP, gave the Astros all the offensive support they required. 

Pena, who had three hits, singled through a drawn-in infield in the first inning to score the game’s first run. 

He became the first rookie shortstop to homer in a World Series game with a home run that barely over the left-field wall in the third inning, scoring the Astros’ second run.

In the eighth innings, he performed a stunning hit and run that produced a crucial insurance run.

How Did The Couple Meet?

Vasiliqi Turlla was referred to as Jeremy Pena’s top admirer in an Instagram post he made on June 12th. 

Although there are no specifics about how they first met, the couple looks to have been dating for some time. 

They haven’t yet disclosed any information regarding their personal life. Vasiliqi Turlla has frequently been seen at the park, watching and supporting Pena as he plays baseball. 

Her interest has helped him improve his ability. They are both very private people.

They have a following on social media, and Jeremy likes to post images of them there. 

Vasiliqi tries to stay out of the spotlight, but she adores Pena just as much as he does. 

They have been living a wonderful life together, appreciate one other’s professions, and both have backgrounds in athletics.