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Jesse Madison Holton Today: Moving Forward with Faith and Purpose

Jesse Madison Holton Today Moving Forward with Faith and Purpose

Investigation Discovery’s “American Monster: Two Families” dives deep into the strange case of Jesse Madison Holton, a seventeen year old who was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of his parents, April and Mike Holton. Where is he today?

With help from archival footage and interviews from their family, friends, and the Eclectic, Alabama authorities associated with the investigation, “American Monster: Two Families” tells the story of what happened inside Mike Holton’s home on that fateful day – now viewers can unravel this mystery to find out what actually happened. 

The series culminates by discovering evidence as to where Jesse Madison Holton ended up after being convicted of this crime — answering an interesting question that viewers may have been wondering ever since it first aired.

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Who Is Jesse Madison Holton?

Madison Holton is the oldest of three sons born to April and Michael. However, due to sharing the same first name as his father, he usually goes by the name Madison. 

Growing up, Madison was blessed with a happy childhood as his young and successful parents were always supportive and enthusiastic about everything he did. Being the eldest, he was the apple of their eyes and received everything he ever asked for.

In 2006, things took a turn for the worse when Madison’s concentration shifted from education to partying and having fun. After being diagnosed with ADHD, he refused to take medication claiming that it made him feel unwell. 

Over the years, his behaviour only deteriorated, and by the time he reached high school, he was in a complete rebellious phase. His parents’ separation and subsequent divorce only added fuel to the fire.

On September 11, 2016, Madison was living with his father when he threw a party involving alcohol and drugs. His father, Mike, returned from work to find the house in shambles, leading him to handcuff Madison and call his ex-wife before dialling 911.

A deputy arrived and decided that Madison would be taken to the police station the next morning for questioning with a juvenile warrant.

However, before this could happen, tragedy struck. Just eleven minutes after the deputy left, another 911 call was made reporting a shooting at the Holton residence and the death of Mike and April. 

Due to the events that had taken place just moments before, Madison was immediately considered a suspect and eventually arrested. This devastating incident left their community in shock, and the case became the talk of the town.

Where Is Jesse Madison Holton Now?

After spending over a year in the Elmore County Jail, Jesse Madison Holton was released on bond in December 2017. 

During his incarceration, he missed both his parents’ funeral and his senior year at Elmore County High School. 

However, almost a year later, in October 2018, the District Attorney’s Office dismissed the first-degree murder charges against him due to a lack of evidence linking him to his parents’ deaths. 

Madison publicly expressed his relief, calling the last two years of his life an “unimaginable nightmare” and expressing gratitude for the support of his community and his unwavering faith in God.

As a devout Christian, Madison believes that his faith has been instrumental in helping him move forward without holding any grudges against law enforcement. He acknowledges that there were times when he felt helpless, but the support of his loved ones and his unshakeable faith kept him going. 

Despite the traumatic experience he went through, Madison has no intention of suing the police department as a condition of the charges being dropped against him.

Since then, Madison has completed his high school education and left Elmore County to start afresh. He had originally planned to study history at the University of Alabama at Birmingham before pursuing a degree in law and becoming a defense attorney. 

However, from his Instagram profile, it appears that he has decided to pursue a different path, serving his country by joining the Army. 

He is currently stationed in Berlin, Germany, where he plans to reside with his wife, Diana, for the foreseeable future. Madison is grateful to have put his partying days, alcohol, and drug consumption behind him and is focused on making a positive impact on the world.

  • As written in the article above. “dismissed the first-degree murder charges against him due to a lack of evidence linking him to his parents’ deaths.” does NOT mean innocent. If Jesse didn’t do it, then who did?

  • I think the Alabama police just wanted a quickie resolution! I believe Madison did NOT kill his parents. Just think…the police did a test numerous times, firing a bullet inside the house to hear whether Madison was lying about not hearing a shot. Well…if I’m running across the field to my neighbors house after seeing my father with his hand around my mothers neck, forcing her to the ground with a gun in his hand…I am running, gasping for breath (cuz I’m running handcuffed) and visualizing what I just saw, I’m not “thinking”! I am reacting! It would have been helpful if the police had done an ACTUAL REENACTMENT of Madison’s trek to the neighbors house, rather than sending an officer over in that direction, and ask him at certain times whether a shot could be heard. FIRST OF ALL, he is trying to LISTEN for a shot! I throw up my hands regarding the police officials in Alabama!!!!!

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