Jesse Rutherford Age Gap With Billie Eilish – The Couple Faced Criticism

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Jesse Rutherford’s age gap with Billie Eilish has drawn both love and criticism from her fans.

The apparent romance gathered mixed reactions online, with many voicing concerns over the duo’s 10-year age difference.

For a multitude of reasons, Billie Eilish’s fans, nicknamed avocados, are displeased with her new relationship with the American rock band’s lead singer.

Billie Eilish and vocalist Jesse Rutherford confirmed their rumored relationship after they were seen kissing outside a restaurant in Studio City, California. 

The pair have been friends for years, with a fan account sharing a picture in December 2017 that showed the then 16-year-old Eilish and 26-year-old Rutherford posing playfully at a costume party.

On Friday, October 14, 2022, rumors started circulating about the two after they were spotted at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights in Los Angeles. 

Rutherford was being held by the waist when Eilish, who was sporting an oversized denim jacket and black Converse sneakers, repeatedly grabbed Rutherford’s face and kissed him. 

Rutherford, on the other hand, was dressed in a long-sleeved black-and-white striped shirt, black leggings, and a black pouch. 

But the thing that caught the eyes of the fans the most was his smile as he tenderly wrapped his arm over the singer’s shoulder. 

The diner’s comment on the website read: ‘Billie looked extremely wonderful and they seemed at ease and happy together. Throughout the meal, they ate at their table without getting up once, paying close attention to one another and exchanging glances. They discussed their plans and potential attendance at a party at the Kardashians’ house at one point.’

The Age Gap Between The Couple

What is intriguing about Eilish and Jesse’s relationship is their approximate 11-year age difference. 

Some of Eilish’s fans were supportive of the relationship, with many arguing that age is just a number.

Others were critical of Rutherford, with some calling him a predator and questioning why he would be interested in dating a teenager.

People are discussing the relationship on social media; some have even linked it to Demi Lovato’s song 29 from their 2022 album Holy Fvck.

The lyrics to Lovato’s song appear pretty similar to Eilish and Jesse’s relationship; in 29, Demi talks about an illegal teacher-student relationship where the characters are aged 17 and 29.

Billie and Jesse have only been dating for a short while. 

However, some people have raised concerns about the relationship. They say that the age difference isn’t the issue – it’s the fact that Jesse met Eilish when she was just 16 years old. 

This has made fans worry that Jesse has been grooming Billie since they first met.

The Couple Is Being Criticized Over Their Age Gap

While there may be some truth to these concerns, it is essential to remember that every relationship is unique.

Just because a couple has an age gap does not mean that they will automatically face difficulties.

Ultimately, the success of a relationship depends on the two individuals involved, regardless of their age difference.

Fans of The Neighborhood say they’re losing respect for the lead singer and that it would be tough to listen to the band’s music again. 

Users have stated that someone should step in to help Eilish as ‘someone so the public should not be this unprotected.’

Someone Tweeted, ‘Jesse Rutherford being 31 dating 20-year-old Billie Eilish is disgusting idc if it’s “legal” men are so disappointing.

At the same time, the other stated, ‘I’m happy for Billie because she’s happy but also worried. She has idolized Jesse since she was younger and they’ve been friends since she was 16 and he was 26. feels kinda like a grooming thing but hopefully not. #BillieEilish.’

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