Jessica Pegula’s Sister – Did She Save Her Mother’s Life?

Jessica Pegula Sister
  • Jessica said her sister saved her mom’s life during cardiac arrest in 2022.
  • Jessica Pegula Tennis player’s sister’s name is Kelly Pegula.
  • She shared what happened and how her mom has been recovering ever since.

Jessica Pegula, the tennis player’s sister’s name is Kelly Pegula, and she saved her mother’s life from cardiac arrest, as per her sister Jessica Pegula’s statement.

Jessica Pegula, tennis player and daughter of Buffalo Bills and Sabres co-owner Kim Pegula, recently spoke out about her mother’s experience with a heart attack. Pegula relayed the story of how her sister saved their mother’s life during a cardiac arrest in 2022.

Pegula was inspired to share her story after witnessing NFL player Damar Hamlin suffer a cardiac arrest during a game. In her article, Pegula detailed what happened during her mother’s cardiac arrest and how she has been recovering since.

While Pegula did not reveal her mother’s condition at the time of the incident, she did provide a clear account of the events that transpired. This provides valuable insight into what can happen during a cardiac arrest and how quick thinking and action can save a life.

Jessica Pegula has a unique appreciation for the skill and knowledge of first responders and medical professionals in life-threatening situations. After her mother experienced a cardiac arrest, Jessica’s sister immediately began performing CPR until an ambulance arrived

Despite her sister’s reluctance to take credit for saving their mother, Jessica knows she made the critical difference that allowed the paramedics to do their job of restoring a heartbeat. 

This life-changing experience has given Jessica a newfound understanding of the fragility of life and the ultimate importance of having trained professionals on hand to save lives in emergencies.

When Buffalo Bills cornerback Damar Hamlin suffered a heart collapse on the field during a game earlier this month, Jessica Pegula was moved by the image that held strong even though she had never personally known the athlete. 

In June of last year, reports began to circulate that Kim Pegula, Jessica’s mother, was enduring “unexpected health difficulties,” leading her family to keep their struggles private until February 7 when Jessica made it public knowledge that in June, Kim had also been felled by a cardiac arrest.

Despite being unrelated and living miles apart, the commonality between Hamlin and Pegula’s mother strongly resonated with Jessica.

Jessica’s mother, Kim, went into cardiac arrest on Jessica’s birthday and was saved by Jessica’s sister Kelly who administered CPR until the ambulance arrived. 

As a result of the event, Pegulas spent the following two weeks caring for Kim in the hospital. Jessica Pegula stated that her mother is still far from normal but is grateful that her sister was there to save her life.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding her mother’s health a few weeks earlier, Jessica continued to compete at Wimbledon that July. 

Although Jessica won her first two games, she ultimately fell to Petra Marti in the third round. She had to deal with ongoing inquiries about her mother, including rumors that Kim had passed away.

In November of last year, Jessica achieved a major milestone in her tennis career by winning her first WTA 1000 championship in Guadalajara, Mexico. She dedicated the victory to her mother, who has been battling a difficult health issue for the past six months. 

In a letter, Jessica shared that her mother’s perseverance was an inspiration for her, and she wanted to show her gratitude for her mother’s unwavering support.

Despite facing severe expressive aphasia and significant memory difficulties, Jessica’s mother has been making progress in her recovery, impressing her doctors with her tenacity.

Although she still has some difficulty communicating, she is able to read, write, and understand. However, Jessica acknowledges that her mother’s recovery journey is ongoing and uncertain.

In the letter, Jessica expressed gratitude for the support she received during this challenging time. She also spoke about her difficulties communicating with her mother and the need for patience in their interactions. 

Despite these difficulties, Jessica is grateful that she and her mother can still connect. She also thanked God for the progress her mother has made so far.

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