JJ McCarthy Dad Video – Twitter Reacts To The Footage

JJ Mccarthy dad video

JJ McCarthy’s dad video went viral for all the wrong reasons. 

The McCarthy family is having a difficult time this New Year’s Eve after JJ McCarthy threw two pick-sixes en route to a heartbreaking loss in the Fiesta Bowl with a trip to the National Title game on the line.

However, the thing that is perhaps more upsetting, as it may appear in the video footage, is his father touching his girlfriend’s b**t.

Cameras captured J.J. McCarthy’s fiancée Katya Kuropas and other family members at Saturday’s bowl game between Michigan and TCU. 

Everyone first appeared to enjoy watching all the images of McCarthy’s ovation. But then something strange happened.

Throughout the game, McCarthy’s girlfriend was frequently featured on the ESPN broadcast, and one instance, in particular, had Mr. McCarthy stroking her b**t for no apparent reason.

Obviously, no one anticipated this storyline to emerge from this game.

The Twitter world responds to the video

Since the video is so brief, it is impossible to know for sure what is happening, but the evidence seems to be quite damning. 

He appears to be attempting to touch her impermissibly with just a finger. However, nothing escapes Twitter; then they took it to the extreme, labeling him a creep.

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