Why Was Joe Arridy Executed Unlawfully; What Is Truth Behind The Walls?

Why Was Joe Arridy Executed Unlawfully; What Is Truth Behind The Walls

Joe Arridy was an American man who was falsely convicted and executed unlawfully.

A person was maneuvered by the police to admit the false accusations due to his mental inabilities. He has executed at the young age of 23.

Who was the real criminal? And for what crime had joe Arridy been executed? What did his family appeal in the court? And Why was he executed unlawfully? Let’s find out.

What Was Behind The Scenes Of Joe Arridy?

Dorothy Drain’s used to live in  Pueblo, Colorado. In August 1936, her parents returned to their home in Pueblo, Colorado, and found their 15-year-old daughter dead in a pool. She was covered with her own blood, and some reports say that she was killed in the head when she was sleeping.

On the other hand, she had a younger sister, Barbara,  who was also injured in her head but survived luckily.

The attack spread Chaos in the area that had just happened and captured the attention of media and newspapers. The murdered spread fears to other parents and covered the area with despair.

After deep investigations, it came to know that the girls were r*ped and it was s*x murder.

So, the order was given to the police to find the convicted person after being accused of another case with the same trait. 

The woman provided the description, who claimed to have been assaulted by the same crime.

The woman who claimed was not far from Drain’s house.

So,  the Police started investigating the real criminal of both cases. They were under massive pressure to find out the criminal.

While searching for a convicted person, Sheriff George Carroll found nothing and suspected a 21-year-old Joe Arridy.

Joe Arridy was roaming aimlessly near the local railyards when police stepped out to find criminals.

Why was Joe Arridy Arrested Falsely?

Joe Arridy’s parents were from Syrian background, and they migrated to Pueblo, Colorado.

He was found guilty due to his dark complexion, without any other evidence.

The police suspected him after claiming to the two women that they had also been met with the same situation in Pueblo. 

Joe’s parents were first cousins to each other, which may have contributed to joe foolishness and mental inabilities. Joe Arridy’s had siblings that had died at a young age, and one of his other brothers was reported to be “a high moron.” 

 Arridy had some mental inabilities, and he also seems to have suffered due to his family’s inbreeding.

Therefore, his mental incapability is one of the reasons to convict him as a real criminal and arrest him falsely because he was unable to defend himself.

Joe Arridy Went Through A Tragic Execution

Joe Arridy’s only defense was that he was not sensible, wise, and legally sane; therefore, he could not distinguish between right and wrong.

So it is evident that he was acquitted of a crime and could not practice any illegal and criminal activity.

However, he had the problem distinguishing between simple things like joe was unable to tell the difference between a stone and an egg.

He was even unable to understand the concept of death and execution.

Roy Best, Prison warden, reported that “Joe Arridy is the happiest man who ever lived on death row.” 

Moreover, when he was told about his impending execution, he was more interested in playing with his toys and trains.

Some reports say that when Joe Arridy was asked about his last meal, he requested to being ice cream. 

In 1939, before going to the gas chamber, Joe was given a toy train to make him delighted.

Guards strapped him into the chair at the gas chamber, and his execution was reasonably rapid.

Warden Best said that he cried when he was brought to the chamber. 

During the case, Gail Ireland said, who had petitioned the Colorado Supreme Court on Arridy’s behalf, “Believe me when I say that if he is gassed it will take a long time for the state of Colorado to live down the disgrace.”

After a decade of Joe’s Execution, In 2011, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter granted him a posthumous pardon and said, “Pardoning Arridy cannot undo this tragic event in Colorado history, “It is in the interests of justice and simple decency, however, to restore his good name.”

Where WasJoe Arridy Raised? 

Joe Arridy was born in 1915 in Pueblo, Colorado, and raised in his hometown. His father’s name was Henry Arridy, and his mother’s name was Mary, who was recently migrated from Syria.

Arridy had some mental disorders and inabilities. When he was ten years old, Joe was committed to the Colorado State Home and Training School for Mental Defectives in Grand Junction, and he finally ran away from there at 21.

In a nutshell, Joe Arridy was a special person who had been falsely executed after being convicted for r*pe. This case is threatening in the 20the century, and even after decades when the execution of Arridy is recalled, the heartaches because the injustice prevailed in 1939 and executed the person, who was innocent and mentally insensible. 

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