Joelle Dinnage

Joelle Dinnage, Award Winning Entrepreneur

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We are happy to bring on board Joelle Dinnage who is Award-winning Entrepreneur & International Art Dealer. Joelle has great knowledge of Art and Business and She really proved it by winning numerous awards. let’s know more about her in this exclusive interview.

Tell us about yourself?

I am an award-winning entrepreneur and am an international art dealer and art fair director.

Joelle Dinnage, Award Winning Entrepreneur and Artist

What makes your organization different than your competitors?

Our organization organizes art fairs in new locations and spectacular venues that complement the art on show, furthermore are our events free to visit.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next 3 years?

Sales in the global art market reached $63.7 billion in 2017, up 12% on 2016. The US was the largest market worldwide, accounting for 42% of sales by value, with China in second place (21%) and the UK the third largest market with 20%. Dealer sales in 2017 reached an estimated $33.7 billion, up 4% year-on-year. Dealers reported that they made 46% of their sales at art fairs in 2017, up 5% on the average share reported in 2016. Art fairs continue to be a central part of the global art market, with aggregate sales estimated to reach $15.5 billion in 2017, up 17% year-on-year. My organization will be able to achieve a growth of 10%-15% at least in the next 3 years.

What Was the Most Important Part of Your Whole Business Journey?

I started about eight years ago with my first business, I just followed my passion. After the growth of the first business, I started another company. I have four companies now. In the process of selling one and starting another one. The most important part of the journey was never to give up and keep following your passion. The struggle is real, but easy to tackle with a positive mind.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

The worst: Expensive Jewellery – I always lose it. Expensive things are not for me. I rather spend money on experiences with friends, family and loved ones. Making memories is very special to me.
The best: My watch… I decided not to wear a watch until I could afford one myself that I could look at and knew… I did it. I made it happen, and I worked hard for it. And I am thankful every time I read the time. And gives me motivation and inspiration. I haven’t lost it yet either.

What takes up too much of your time?

Daily life is busy, but I travel a lot and that takes up a lot of time. I organize Art Fairs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Tokyo, Miami, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Oxford, Vienna, etc… So traveling takes up a lot of my time. I love it at the same time, but I do miss my little boy when I travel.

Joelle Dinnage, Award Winning Entrepreneur

What three pieces of advice would you give to college students/new startup business owners who want to become entrepreneurs?

1) Start now, don’t make any excuses
2) Follow your passion
3) Stay positive and never give up

Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished?

Richard Branson – he is my idol, and he keeps it real. He is doing a lot of great things for the entire world and in my eyes, he is one of the most inspirational people. I want to visit Necker island one day.

What Drives You to Keep Going When It’s Really Tough?

I must admit I have had really hard times, but I guess I keep going because I feel like I can’t disappoint anyone. So I keep motivating myself by the success of others through the work I do.

How people should connect with you?

You all can reach out to me via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and of course my email.

This Interview is exclusively conducted by “Haris Siddique” 

Haris Siddique

Haris Siddique is an entrepreneur and investor based in Pakistan. He is a co-founder of Artimization (A global branding and marketing company) which already served more than 500 businesses around the world. Haris is one of a board member of Vizaca Media Company and currently serving as a Head of Global Marketing.

You can connect with Haris on the following mediums:

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