John Boyega Ex-Girlfriend – Jealous Or Deceived?

John Boyega Ex-Girlfriend

Is another Black actor on the verge of a disastrous career end? After John Boyega ex-girlfriend threatened to expose his polygamous side, people started comparing him to the infamous actor Jonathan Majors. 

It seems like John’s character in the movie ‘The Woman King’ was inspired by his real life. He plays the role of polygamous King Ghezo, which now seems a lot like the real-life John Boyega. 

Pamela Nomazwe Mlunjwana, who goes by the name Pammacb, is a Zimbabwean Instagram influencer.  

Although her work as an influencer earned her quite a lot of recognition, her relationship with John Boyega, a British actor and producer, put her on the map.

Conforming to rumors, John and Pamela started dating eachother somewhere around February 2022. 

The exact details regarding the beginning and end of their relationship are still a little hazy, but Pamela’s recent confession has given an insight into the former pair’s relationship dynamic. 

Exploring the John Boyega Controversy

The Instagram influencer, Pammacb, hopped on social media with claims that the British star cheated on her, lied to her, and dehumanized her. 

Moreover, she proclaimed that due to John’s polygamous nature, he is never content with having one woman to himself. 

Pamela used her Instagram stories to expose the hideous truth behind John Boyega’s shiny reputation. 

According to the raged woman, John was not only cheating on her but also talking trash about her behind her back and demonizing her in front of other people. 

She stated, “Shoutout to one blog and TEQUILA because if I hadn’t had a drunken moment and if they hadn’t been in my business, I would have never known that the man I admired and was dating for a while had a whole other person in his life.”

John Boyega ex-girlfriend added that he only pretended to be angry at the people who said bad things about her but never really defended her in public despite his celebrity status.

She also recalled all the times she took out time from her precious life to support John in his work endeavors. 

The Zimbabwean influencer wanted to warn all the girls out there to stay cautious of men like John Boyega. 

When a man of his caliber and fame can do such a petty thing, what guarantees that a common man with no sense of accountability would not do this? 

The brutal things others say about you usually stem from the seeds sown by people who pretend to care for you but are actually your biggest enemies. 

Pamela went as far as claiming that her former partner fed her to the wolves behind her back and has zero guilt and remorse for doing such a disgusting thing. 

John Boyega ex-girlfriend said, “at this point, please feel free to use those evil words you people use towards me. Go crazy. Knowing that someone I trusted, I shared a bed with, cooked for, cleaned, and was kind to for months can lie and do the same is the penultimate torture.”

Toward the end of her rant, she said that she would be leaving her matter in the hands of God as this level of betrayal is above the level of humans. 

Later, Pam shared videos of herself “drinking the pain” away after getting her heart broken. 

How did people react to Pammacb’s rant?

Expectedly, social media users went into a frenzy after reading Pamela’s account of her relationship with the famed British actor. 

There were mixed reactions to her sob story. Some people sympathized with her and felt bad for her, but others were cruel enough to make a joke out of her rant. 

A Twitter user said that someone should take away Pamela’s phone because her story is really embarrassing. 

Those who defended her said, ‘ You can tell she let her guard down because she thought John Boyega was an honorable guy.’

How did John Boyega react to Pammacb’s claims?

John and his lawyer dispute her claims and have offered fairly compelling evidence which points towards his innocence – but it’s not changing the public perception against the Creed star.

The British actor hasn’t done or said much in defense as of yet, but he needs to come up with a better explanation for his actions. 

Pammacb’s claims have indeed put John Boyega’s career and reputation in a glass block that is on the brink of getting shattered. 

Last but not least, let’s take a closer look at John Boyega’s net worth and fortune. 

John Boyega net worth

An estimate of John Boyega’s fame can be made from his massive net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 31-year-old British actor’s net worth is $8 million. 

Boyega has managed to accumulate this much wealth with his impressive skills and attractive appearance. 

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